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Ok, since the past few weeks i have been facing one of the strangest thing on my pc. its with my internet. let me take you through it. i start my pc and it works all fine. the net works all fine. suddenly after a while, say 2-3 or may be less or more, the net starts to act weird. When i check the ping i get "replying replying interrupted with request timed out frequently". the net now has slowed down and download badly hit. the net guys checked things from their end and everything is fine. my machine is fairly new and a good config.

now i tired this. i shut my pc for a while and started it back again. THE NET WORKS FINE. no drop in ping. its "replying replying all the way". then again after a while the same problem. request timed out. now i have no clue what the problem is?. and yes a few times i got "your local are connection is connected".

please please please help me. i hav no clue and its a big problem. i dnt knw if its the lan, the internet dialer, wire no clue.

im using a abit ip-35e motherboard. intel core2duo e8400.

thank you guys :)!
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  1. Download a tool called TCPView from SysInternals from here:

    When your ping is starting to act weird, stop or kill all application you are running. Then run TCPView. It shows you all the network connections between your local PC and the rest (internal network + Internet). Ignore entries with *.* or ur-local-PC-name:0. You are interest in entries with remote name or IP address.

    The point of doing that is finding out which program is hogging your bandwidth w/o your consent.

    Likely guesses in this order:
    1) Internet Explorer infected with adware/malware. Use Malware Byte/AVG/Hijackthis to remove it

    2) your PC is infected with worm. Again use removal tool. No much I can help here

    3) other problem. Post back here what you tried.
  2. Hi

    I would first scan your pc for viruses/malware>turn off system restore.boot your pc up in safe mode.Download Malwarebytes,update and do a full scan.
    P.S.Have you tried using some other internet connection?Do this as well just to narrow things down(it could be a bad cable), try another cable as well.
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