External Raid Enclosure for video capture and editing

I do a lot of work with game (as in videogame) promos. I capture most of the video using this: http://www.amazon.com/Hauppauge-1212-Definition-Personal-Recorder/dp/B0018LX0DY

Currently for my workflow I have an Intel X25 SSD for my OS install where I have all my video editing software installed. Then I just have a separate internal hard drive that I capture the video on and edit it from.

I do get some frame drops and whatnot when recording, so I'm looking to upgrade and set up a raid array for my capture and to edit from.

I'd like to be able to hold a lot of footage so I'm thinking Raid-5 with 2tb drives. I'm looking for a good Raid-5 enclosure that can hold three to five drives at least and give me decent recording ability without dropping frames, and will be fast to edit from.

Also, I'm still a bit confused on how this all works. Do I need the enclosure and then also a Raid card, and does the Raid card go in the computer? My motherboard has an eSata port on it, but is that only for software raid?

Also, will Raid-5 be sufficient for editing (720p) HD video? Do I need to avoid the "green" drives?
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  1. In order to make a suggestion, you need to provide greater detail on your existing computer.
    You're probably loosing frames because your capturing video through a USB cable. The problem could very well lie there and not on the storage side.
    You'd want at least firewire or ideally e-sata/fibre based for the kind of throughput your looking for.

    I gave up on Pinnacle products years ago and our video department has been 100% Linux since 8)
  2. Ok, so I've played around with it some more and am no longer dropping frames or anything like that.

    However, my computer completely cannot handle the files. When I try to drop them into vegas, it takes forever to click somewhere else on the clip, and playing the clip is a stuttery mess (even with the preview window set to quarter quality).

    I have a q9450 quad-core processor (processor doesn't appear to be maxing out) and 4gb of ram (using less than 2gb during this).

    Is it my hard drive holding me back? I have my editing software installed on my OS drive on an intel x25 SSD, and the video files are just on a SATA hard drive.

    The source file is 1280x720 at 60fps, 8mbps bit-rate
  3. Most Definitely your harddrive. I had the same problem, new system Motherboard gigabyte x58a-ud5with i7 running cs5 premiere with gtx470 videocard hacked for cs5 acceleration. I thought my new expensive! cs5 must be a problem child, always waiting for it to respond, until I plugged in a couple 6gbs blacklabel harddrives into the boards raid controller. Smooth as silk now. I think any raid 0 config would work for you though, 3gbs or 6gbs. I was originally on a internal sata 1tb 7200 64cache harddrive and it just was not cutting it for dvcprohd footage. hope this helps anyone searching for some cs5 answers!
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