What is a good temperature for the my 8800GT Video Card? need 2 b sure

How Hot can this Video card be? I just over clocked this card from the stock 600mhz core clock to 700mhz so i can Play Crysis WH in high settings. temperature ranges from 70-75 Celsius; it changes depending if there's to much action in the game.

Can this Card handle this temperatures without giving problems? So far everything runs stable. Or what should be the temperature for this card?
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  1. The temperatures you`ve given are fine but really I`d be a little concerned if they go over 80C.
    If you want more peace of mind use something like Rivatuner to set a faster fan speed to keep things a little cooler.
  2. Those temps are within a safe range, even 80 would not bother me too much if it only hit it occasionally. When you start running 85 or more, that is getting too warm.
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