How can I remove an unusable drive from My Computer?


This is not really a major problem, just a nuisance.
I have a device that is undefined in My Computer, it has the letter H: assigned to it and has the CD icon (WIN XP).
The deal is that I don't use this drive, I don't remember when it was created. I have already a DVD-RW drive (F:), I also got a virtual CD drive (E:). However, the extra unidentified drive (H:) is not used at all and I got no idea how it got there.
Additionally, it is not even visible in Disk Management.

How do I go about removing this useless drive? It is confusing me, especially that I want to add an extra HDD and do not want to have any confusions with letter assignment.

Is it a hardware problem/faulty connection in my motherboard or something of that sort?

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  1. Who made this computer?
  2. Solved!?

    I was playing around yesterday and by disabling the virtual drive for couple of mins and then enabling it, the H: drive has disappeared and the space is now empty under My Computer! At least thats the reason why I think it disappeared.

    I built the computer, even though it was my first built, it came up ok and it was looked over by a more experienced guy afterwards, so it all seems ok I presume.

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