Strange 4870X2 performance problem - Please help

Last night I was playing wow , and I did a shut down and then reboot as a restart. I realise that I am getting really low fps eg 16 fps in wow where I am suppose to get 60+ ( this is running on 2560x1600 all maxed ) every game I tried it was poor performance compared to what I had normally and eventually my computer restarted its self with a blue screen in the back. But this morning I tried playing my games , the performance were back to normal 60fps +.

I remember having this kind of problem on my 8800GTX and Enermax Liberty 620w , like some sort of lack of power , or power degrading. But now I bought Sapphire HD4870X2 with a new Enermax Galaxy 1000w PSU month ago, and it was running fine till last night , I tried rebooting , restart or shut down by all mean I am still getting weird crappy performance , until I shut my computer and went to sleep , the next morning everything is back to normal.

any ideas ?

my spec are

Core 2 Duo E6300 @ 2.66ghz
ASUS P5B Delux Wi/Fi
Balastix Tracer 1066 2GB Dual channel
Enermax Galaxy 1000w
Sapphire HD4870X2
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  1. My money is on the PSU. Unplug some drives and usb devices and under clock some stuff and see if it lasts longer.
  2. I dont think its PSU , 1000w is sufficient to power my PC , maybe its my motherboard or CPU or ram
  3. hello, i had the same problem with my old 6600 gt. It started to show crappy performance after computer crashed usually couse of graphic drivers or power supply. But after crash unplugging power source for a several seconds usually helped. Maybe it will help u too :) and i have now idie why it was acting so weird.
  4. I just did a test of restarting the computer , and I got crappy performance.....the fps were really bad and I shut my computer down , turned off the PSU , waited for 1 min , rebooted , everything is fine .... any idea what is happening ?
  5. It might be that your power supply is going bad. nothing last forever.
    Try to get another PSU, from a friend and see if the problem reoccurs. if it does not, then you know you need another PSU.
    Another thing you can try is maybe your RAM.
    It could even be a heat issue.
  6. I just did prime 95 test , its all fine .......PSU ~ hum.... I just got a new one not long ago , like about a month
  7. Could be a heat problem. Use a program like SpeedFan to monitor your CPU and GPU temperatures before and after the problem. Report back your findings (or any data you might already have relating to temperatures).
  8. but I have a external desk fan blowing in the case all the time
  9. ^doesn't matter. If heat is the problem then it will be a problem with the heatsink, not with the case airflow (at least in this case).
  10. kyeana said:
    ^doesn't matter. If heat is the problem then it will be a problem with the heatsink, not with the case airflow (at least in this case).

    Exactly. Just because you're moving some air around, doesn't mean that your components are being effectively cooled. (It's possible the heatsink(s) on your GPU(s) are not properly mated, you would need to reseat them yourself or exchange the card.)

    We need some real temperature data to further diagnose this problem.

    You mentioned a prime95 test, which is well and good, but it stresses just your CPU, not your GPU.

    EDIT: I want to know what the GPU temperature is when you experience the slowdown. Who knows, it might be just fine, temperature wise.

    It could, in fact, ultimately be the PSU going out after all. Even the best of the best PSUs have the occasional bad egg that is DOA or goes out within a week of being installed. Getting us some real temperature readings will help us to narrow down the possible causes here
  11. right now its running at 70 degree , performance is normal , I will let you guys know about the temp when its going bad
  12. Temps for both CPU and GPU when the incident occurs, if you can.
  13. okay , the latest update is ~ I can make it to go really slow by just doing a restart , everything I restart , the game will result in poor performance , 3d card and CPU are both running normal temp , 3d card is around 70-80 degree and CPU is around 40-45 , this is weird ! how come a restart would stuff the performance up , I can even feel the lagg when I am typing this message
  14. I just did a quick test , everytime I restart my com I get poor performance , but not when I shut it down , wait for like 1 min and reboot , the performance will be normal
  15. So when you do a complete shutdown and then 'cold' boot it runs fine, but if you just restart through the OS it gets ****?

    If you shut down completely, 'cold' boot, and then immediately do a 'restart' after booting but without doing/touching anything else, do you still get the performance hit?
  16. I would look into power problem try keeping supply cool maybe it spicking when you draw power! You can figure the power you need for free at extreme power supply calculator it has every type of setup and you need at lest 30A on the 12 rail for that video card I know your power supply has that but if it has spare rails open try changing to another power wire I think your power supply has several video power inputs. If still problem maybe test another supply ask the store for a loaner to trouble shoot.
  17. cool ! I was thinking that too , because the power supply its self came with alot of wire on default to cover the motherboard and the video card , I am thinking using separate rails to cover the 6pin and 8 pin , instead of using the default wiring configuration. because it came with lots of spare wiring and connections
  18. ok ~ my test were , it didnt work , I use a separate rail for the 6pin connector to the gfx card and swapping another different 8 pin from the native cables.

    What I found out were , if I dont run any games , and restart , its fine , how do I tell ? because by just by holding your mouse on the vista desktop and draw a square , I can tell the effects were smooth , and if I ran a game like WOW , and exit , and restart , the poor performance appeared , I can tell from the square selected , if you move them around , it appears laggy.

    I remember this kind of problem happened to me when I had my 8800GTX and enermax liberty 620w , that time I had two OS installed on two different partition of HD , I remember if I am switching to Vista or to XP , I can not use restart , I had to shut down and reboot , or else I will experience the laggy frame rates if I scrol down and up when surfing websites , that is how I first figure it out.

    it later on get to a point even if I shut down and boot the next day , I will still get crappy fps for some weird reason when I had my 8800GTX , but now I got my new PSU and gfx card , same kind of probelm still appears , I dont mind using shut down , as long as everything will function properly, maybe its something to do with booting ......sigh*** spend so much $$ on computer hardware getting the best stuff but so many problems
  19. That is definitely a strange problem, Mal. It shouldn't be doing that at all with your configuration. What kind of regular maintenance do you do for that computer? When is the last time you scanned for virus/malware/spyware? When is the last time you defragged the hard drive? Have you run Memtest on your memory?
  20. I mainten my computer very well , I have spy bot and kaspersky installed , and I defrag every 1 month , I ran Orthos and prime95 test , all seemed fine
  21. is your pcie frequency locked at 100?
  22. my PCI-E is x16 not PCI-E 2.0 , yeah I think its locked at 100hz or maybe can change it , will it affect it ?
  23. what I can think of that might come into play in this problem is the setting in the bios ,
    current setting are

    PCI-E frequency 100hz
    PCI-E Sycrnoising 33.33mhz

    Initial Graphic Adaptor PEG/PCI
    PEG Force x1 Disabled
  24. I just tried uninstalling ATI 8.11 driver and reinstalling , still wont work .....its really wierd , if I use restart my computer will result in poor 3d performance , but if I use shut down and reboot , its all fine........What the hell is going on !! , even tho its not a big deal , I can just use shut down......but in a way......I hate to think that some thing is weird is going on with my com
  25. problem solved ......its my CPU.... I had E6300 for about 3 years , and its been overclocked from 1.63ghz to 3ghz , 2.8 , 2.6 , and now back to default setting ..... I think the CPU its self can no longer cope being overclocked and I dont think its my crucial balastix tracer , because I am only running it on 950mhz , the native was 1066mhz. It get to a point before , my WOW would last for 1-2min before the PC crashes its self.... once i CPU to default the restart problem is all fixed...fps is back to normal and I didnt have any crashes before..... guess I need to buy a new CPU or else 1.6ghz will bottleneck my 4870x2
  26. ^....didn't you already say that your cpu was prime95 stable...
  27. this is really weird now......I came back home today trying to boot my PC , and it wont boot , no beep sound....... I tried the second time still wont boot ...... but it booted when I unplug the PSU power and plug it back it booted...... what is this symptom likely to be ?
  28. Try clearing the CMOS, however something could very well be going bad, possible be the PSU.

    Have you recently (like in the past couple days) run memtest86+ for a couple hours and prime95 small ffts test?
  29. Look there's a million "performance" problems we cant address them all, so we need to narrow it down.

    Slow performance can be caused by heat, low power, to much ram usage, your HHD trying to do to many reads/writes, your CPU maxed out. now we try and find what it is..., it COULD be a ram issue, in WoW the game can be a bitch to load textures, so watch ur ram usage while in game...lower the resolution to just under max, run not in full screen open the monitoring program right at the edge showing your ram usage go in game as usual.

    Had an epiphany cant be caused by ram usage when you first start up your computer let it sit for 10 seconds its no longer using up.... this is what i was talking about elimination.

    It still can be heat, low power, HDD making to many read/writes. So lets see when the computer starts to get choppy run a program like ATTO benchmark and post your scores for analysis. If they are low we can pretty much guess its that.

    Next low power get everything set up when its running normal, have on one side a CPU test like PRIME95 then 3dmark vantage with just the GPU test press both of them and wait will they are done. if it reverts you then we can take a stab at low power.

    It cant be heat, because even if it was heat when the heat subsides the frames should go back to normal.

    Post your results and we can finish this up.

    I guess it can only be two things low power and crappy hard drive =)
    guess it was the CPU lol you didn't mention it was so old OR that you had been overclocking it.

    This is most likeley the CPU is not seated right or its bad all together. Something like a CPU will gradually go out. Either way that old CPU at 1.66ghz will bottle neck the Video card, try upgrading it to a Q6600 or a E8300, both are fairly cost effective and will show you great performance.

    Make sure that your MoBo can support 45nm chips, and quad cores.
  30. your computer will not boot if your CPU is not recognized, its like a boot sequence. one thing will not go without the other if the CPU is going bad and sometimes not recognized then it will not boot. also your computer will not give a beep code if it does not get power, the first thing that gets power is your fans, then your CPU, then the rest of your MoBo.
  31. The PSU could definitely be suspect (along with a million other things, like 2fast said). Do you have a spare PSU you can swap out?
  32. I got my old Enermax Liberty 620w, but I have issue with that one too, I have booted from my computer several times today ..... I didnt experience any booting problem.. plus I set the overlocked back to 2.66ghz from 1.8 native E6300 ... and ran Prime 95 for 3 hrs , no problem found. and games are fine too...... maybe it was yesterday afternoon it was very hot. or could be my CPU is crapping out in a way , I am thinking of getting E8500......

    and also ....... it kind of sound like a PSU problem , but I just got Enermax Galaxie 1000w 1 month ago , brand new
  33. I get exactly the same problem

    I also have P5B Deluxe with an 4870X2

    I personally think it's the motherboard as I have a 750w PSU and mine and your problems are identical.
  34. Also if you load up GPUZ you will see that on restart Crossfire is disabled.
  35. today I bought E8500 , and it didnt work ........ it wont boot and hear no beep sound , I have the latest BIOS 1236 says support the new CPU , I have seen people running E8500 with P5B Delux on forum.. I think the overall conclusion is my motherboard..... so I think I will replace it ,,,,,so far I replaced gfx , PSU , CPU .....sigh soo much $$ into it
  36. im not trying to be rude, but next time maybe you should do some more research and trouble shooting instead of just buying a new part. I still think it may be a psu problem
  37. I don't think it's a PSU problem, it's a board problem in my opinion since we both have the same setup and it's unlikely for it to be that much of a coincidence that it's our PSU's.

    I have the Corsair TX 750W PSU and before this I was using a 9800GX2. This problem is motherboard related.
  38. I believe I've sorted this problem!

    It occurs when the NORTHBRIDGE is volted over 1.45v. If you set the NB anything over 1.45 it will cause this restart bug. Mine was at 1.55v as soon as I lowered it this bug has gone away. Reset your CMOS and try this.
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