Phenom 9500 2M SuperPI in 1M44s

Phenom 9500 2M SuperPI in 1M44s

Is this right or is something really wrong here? My laptop AMD 64x2 Mobile 1.9Ghz does this in about the same time and my old AMD 64x2 5000+ 939 did it in much less time (can't remember the numbers).

This leads me to believe there is something wrong with my CPU in the system I just built. XFX 8200 Mobo, XFX 9800GT, 4x2GB Cosair DDR2800 and the AMD Phenom 9500. In TF2 my frame rate was 20-30 FPS regardless of the settings 1920x1200 (max detail) vs 720x480 (low detail). The system runs fine, like, programs don't crash and I don't get errors. Prime95 didn't report errors under stress test and the heat of the CPU is within expected limits.

Any ideas on solutions (further tests) to fix this or do I have a bad CPU?
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  1. another poor sob who thought the original phenoms were worth a damn because they were quad :(. Then again, I don't know what superpi inherently tests, but regardless, TF2 will want a decent processer speed. Try overclocking if you can
  2. I didn't think TF2 was all that CPU intensive, My old AMD 64x2 5000+ with a x1950 was able FPS that are higher than what I'm getting now at the medium and low resolutions. Even still, Guild Wars, a game that asks for a 800Mhz as a min spec only gives me 30 FPS.
  3. If the Phenom 9500 is supposed to perform like this than that's fine, I won't have to worry about having a issue with the CPU or some other part. But, the CPU charts on the tomshardware do show the CPU performing well in games, sure not great in comparsion to a E8400 but fine enough. In comparison my friends E8400 completed this taks in 39s, mine was 104s. This is 2.6 times faster.
  4. Well slap me silly for buying junk. Is there a 9500 BE? I don't want change motherboards since that would be a lot more work. Whats the best 95W AMD that would give me performance near a E8400 stock.
  5. lol, nah dude I didn't take it that why. I didn't try overclocking it because I just got a stock cooler on it in a SG03. I'm not much of an overclocker anyways, I generally just get my gear keep it at stock and buy new core parts in January (mobo, cpu, ram and video).
  6. 33.4Sec for an E8400 @4.0Ghz. Good luck.
  7. You could get a Phenom II or xx50 Phenom as an upgrade, I would recommend the Phenom II.
  8. Do you have the TLB fix?
  9. did you disable the TLB patch in the bios? it usually lowers performance by 10% if its enabled.
  10. damn 12 seconds slow..
  11. MykC said:
    Well slap me silly for buying junk. Is there a 9500 BE? I don't want change motherboards since that would be a lot more work. Whats the best 95W AMD that would give me performance near a E8400 stock.

    9650 is the best Phenom at 95W. Your 9500 is a B2 stepping processor and I've heard nothing but poor performance problems with them as well as horrible overclocking results. The 9X50 processors are based off of the B3 stepping and offered higher clock speeds and better overclocking results. Overclocking results also improved when AMD released the SB750 for their 790FX and 790GX due to an Advanced Clock Calibration feature. As to what models were BE, they are the 9600BE, 9850BE, and 9950BE.

    One thing that may help you is if you search through your BIOS for a TLB fix. It is probably enabled and you want to disable it to improve performance.

    There is no 95W AMD Quad capable of showing similar performance to an E8400 stock outside of quad threaded applications like 3ds max. AMD's Phenom architecture is slower clock for clock than Intels C2D/C2Q, you would need to overclock a Phenom to at least 3.0Ghz for it to be comparable to an E8400 in single/duel threaded apps.
  12. There's also the 9750 95W for OEMs. Still it's only a 0.1 GHz improvement but a improvement nonetheless.
  13. Well, I'm looking at two 64x2's 6000+ 3.1Ghz (AM2) and the 7750 2.7Ghz (AM2+). Looking at the benchmarks the 6000+ will do 2M SuperPI in 54 seconds which is 50s faster than the 9500. In crysis the 6000+ does get an extra 17fps as well, 95 vs 112.

    I'm not intending to OC since again the SG03 case isn't really built for that and I'm not going to get an aftermarket cooler. Now, I have the XFX 8200 board which is AM2+, will that fit the 6000+? Also the 6000+ I think might is 3.0 Ghz, the retailer may be listing the spec wrong, dunno. 6000+ 7750+
  14. get the 7750, its the better overall cpu. did you check if you have the tlb disabled?
  15. Jeez the new 6000+ is a step backwards from the old one (half the cache but a 100Mhz bump) and I wouldn't recommend buying an X2 Cpu anyway.

    The old 6000+ is a better cpu - 90nm 2 X 1Mb cache.

    The new one is the dudded 65nm mask AMD did ... that whole line is just ordinary ... not even much improvement on thermals and half the cache.

    Get a 920 if your mobo will take it - don't waste your money on a Phenom I or an old X2.

    A Phenom II at 2.8Ghz should make you happy.

    Plus they have much better thermals and overclock easily ...
  16. My board will only take a 95W or lower CPU so the intial Phenon II's aren't going to work.

    I haven't disabled TLB, I looked at some benchmarks and its defineltly something I should do. My BIOS was 1.1 then I updated to 1.2, there is a 1.3 but XFX requires that I use AMI winflash utility to do it but doesn't supply a link and looking for the right winflash utility to download is just asking to put a bunch of spyware on my computer. Anyways, the only thing I saw in my computer was a selection called "microcode update", I don't know if that TLD.

    The game I'm really only going to play is DoW2 which run acceptably on this rig. I'll either have to grin and bear the performance of the 9500, switch out to 6000+ or 7750 (higher clock speeds for games) or switch out to a E8400 with a new board for $300 and sell my current mobo and processor (its past the time for refund, I'll get a credit with the manufactuer or I'll sell second have for about 80% of what I paid for. Out of all the options, its probably be do nothing or switch out to an E8400, I'll probably decide by tonight.

    I (and my friend) still find it hard to believe that the performance is like this give the FPS and 3D scores that the 9500 has on Tom's CPU charts.
  17. Make sure motherboard IGP is disabled too!
  18. The 7xxx series are better than the 6000+, they're 65nm instead of 90nm, based off phenom, and most importantly they have an 2mb L3 cache.
  19. My performance in games is better now. I guess the problem was that even with TLB disable in the BIOS it was still active when windows loaded (I think SP1 reactives it), there was a seperate TLB software utility that I downloaded and run (at start) that disables it again.

    TF2, Fallout 3, DoW 2 all run fine perfectly smooth at fax settings (frame rate is generally above 25 durning action sequences).
  20. Great stuff.

    Prolly get a bit better results with a slight overclock (surely you can bump it up a bit?) and a better graphics card ... look at a 4850 for a nice performance jump ... bit cheaper than a 4870.
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