I5 + p7p55d deluxe = speedstep issue ????

I bought these :

Asus P7P55D Deluxe
Intel Core i5
OCZ3G1600LV4K 2x2GB DDR3 PC12800
ATI HD5750
Skythe Mugen 2 Rev.B CPU-Cooler

and they perform really well, except for a very strange, annoying fact...
None of the power-saving features seem to work

And I mean NONE

Let's sum them up :

-C1E support : lowers the voltage when the CPU is idle
-Speedstep : lowers the muiltiplier when the CPU is idle
-Turboboost : allows coresto run faster than the base operating frequency when needed
-C-State : puts 3 of the cores in low-power state when they're not needed

I can enable speedstep and turboboost, but they don't work without c1e support.
As soon as I enable c1e or c-state, pc hangs at the windows logo startup screen and then reboots. That loop continues untill I disable both in bios.

When speedstep/turbomode enabled with multiplier on auto, the multiplier just stays at x21 when booted in windows. So leaving them on is useless.

Since it boots untill the point that windows takes over, I'm assuming windows is to blame, but I could be wrong.

All four functions are now disabled in bios, and now the board is solid as a rock.
Temps are good and oc'ing goes swiftly.

This is the most peculiar mobo I ever came accross. It's no joke.

But if anyone has some more intell on why cpu power-saving keeps crashing the system, making it utterly useless, please tell me about it.

I installed all latest updates through win update, and all latest drivers, including chipset.
Also flashed to last (modded ) bios. Original bios also has the issue.
Been searching my head off for some more info on this issue, but it seems it's kind of unheard of for this board, cause no issues on speedstep/c1e are reported anwhere.

Also when oc'ing I noticed the ram wasn't fully stable when only reaching it's stock 1600mhz. So I had to lower it's multiplier. So I guess it could be memrelated.

So anyone who has any more knowledge why c-state and c1e/speedstep don't work, please tell me, cause I really need some help here...
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  1. bump ? :s
  2. This motherboard is hassling me too. Options that have little to no relation seem to be completely dependent on eachother. Hope you found some kind of fix
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