New ATi 4850 1gb crappy performance.. help please

Hi, so I got my Powercolor HD 4850 1gb ram graphics card today, installed it only to find it performs worse then my previous nvidia 8800GT.. which i'm not happy about, having spent £150 on what essentially atm is a downgrade if I can't set it straight.

I've tried many drivers, new and old for the 4800 series, set all the functions to application controlled, tried games like WoW and Crysis, they both run with lower framerates then I had with my 8800GT 512mb (same settings I had on old card too). It's quite a drop but in Crysis it's far worse... why is this happening? from what i've heard the 4850 should perform almost as good as the 9800GX2 and mine is doing worse then the series below that...

My PC spec is-
Windows XP 64bit (yes, the drivers I tried were 64bit)
e8400 dualcore OC'd 3.6ghz
4gigs Corsair XMS2 800mhz ram
nForce motherboard P5N-D SLI
550watt powersupply

Could anyone enlighten me in anyway please? I don't wanna have to send this back, it's supposed to be a great card but not for me :fou:

Oh, and why does my card only have a limit of 8x AA when on the box it says it's capable of 24x? :heink:
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  1. Ummmmmm????????? the 4850 isn't as good as some people would like you to believe it is ?

    did you use driver cleaner to remover your older drivers........ if you try it, make sure you only remove the video drivers and not your nvidia motherboard drivers. Don't think it's going to help performance wise though. Especially with Crysis.

    is vsync off, and are the cards settings set to "allow application decide" ? ( AA/AF, etc. )
  2. Well first of all you need to get rid of all the old nvidia drivers, and any ati drivers you may have screwed up now, with something like driver cleaner pro.

    After that install the latest drivers for the 4850.

    You cant just install drivers over each other and expect it to work.
  3. aw thats good to know... i never knew that.. not like i change card often... i usually just buy a whole new rig ;p but im changin my 7800gt (friend's one) for a 4850 soon (when i know which brand to buy!)
  4. Yeah of course I took the nVidia drivers off, first thing I did before I put my ATi card in.. and I already mentioned I set all the card settings to 'application controlled' such as anti aliasing, antistrophic filtering etc. Vysnc was also turned off. The reason i'm annoyed is because I spent a fair amount on this card and it's worse then my old one, whereas for everyone else it blows nVidia 8/9 series away.. why not mine?

    Too the other reply, yes I also defragged my system, did not help.. i've done lots of things and nothing is helping :(
  5. Did you unlock the ati overdrive?.......A lot of nvidia users who never used ati before run into this problem.......go to advanced settings and click on the and accept the what looks like a key or lock and then try it. Without unlocking and accepting the overdrive your card will perform like crap......use 8.11 drivers too....and set fan to at least 40 percent
  6. Have you tried 3DMark06 yet? Post your score up here.

    I also suggest the option of the previous poster here, that will change a lot.

    About the AA, in CCC you can change the AA settings to Box, Narrow-tent, Wide-tent, Edge Detect. Which is 8x, 12x, 16x and 24x ;).

    I suggest you once again to test it with 3DMark06.

    One last question, what is the temperature of your card?
  7. Thanks for the replies guys, and yes I had unlocked the overdrive in the CCC thing, popped the fan speed up to 100% aswell (my case fans are noisy enough anyway). Idle temperatures were about 34-38c, 38 with default fan speed 34 with it on full. Under load it was about 44ish so that's pretty sweet compared to my old 8800GT (that ran up to 70-80c under load >_>).

    I'll give it a benchmark test with the 3Dmark thing then and post back, but one thing, why was the max AA setting in CCC only 8x? the card is capable of 24x apparantly.. :??:
  8. @angry_goat
    U siad, "i've heard the 4850 should perform almost as good as the 9800GX2"

    I never heard that, I think ur mistaking with the 4870 which is in par with 9800 GX2 & GTX 260. On the other hand 4850 is in the same class with 8800 GTX, 8800 Ultra, 9800 GTX, 9800 GTX+. And try other games, Nvidia drivers are better optomized than ATI for crysis (AFIK). Try other games.
  9. Yea man....Crysis is rough on even my card...I have both 1st and 2nd game and its rough on my OC 4870 card.....I have to turn both shaders down to play the game on all other max settings
  10. yeah you really should post a 3d mark06 score here. Preferably with seperate sm2 and sm3 and cpu scores too. Sounds like somewhere something isnt working properly, the 4850 is easily a ton better than an 8800gt, even in crysis despite all the twimtbp voodoo magic. For reference my 4870 just breaks 12,528 with no AA or AF at 1280x1024 under win xp. My cpu is holding the card back a bit (e6300@3.0ghz = 2648 cpu score in 3dmark), so your 4850 with your cpu should get roughly the same score as my 4870 setup.
  11. an 8800gts 512mb to a 4850? hardly an upgrade at all.

    i sort of enjoyed my 4850 but now im hating it. sure it can hit 70fps @ 1440x900 with crysis:warhead (cave levels). but it crashed consistently. and i cant play Race:Driver Grid anymore. Cod5 is also crashing occasionally.

    i even did a reformat just to make sure i have no OS related conflicts due to my nvidia history (8400gs/8600gt/9600gt kept on appearing on my reg before the reformat)

    the thing with ati is that "Driver Issues" are a trademark. the ATI experience will never be complete without the VPU recover scenario appearing at least once a day.
  12. Really? I haven't had a VPU recover since I underpowered my old card. Granted, I don't play all the newest games (like Crysis) but I have several very demanding games that run great.
  13. thing is i bought the 4850 to play the newest games.

    on a side note. far cry, the first one, never looked that good. it blew me away still.
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