Q6600 OC to 3.2 shows up as 3.6??

I just OCed my Q6600 using a FSB of 400 and a multiplier of 8. That should equal to 3.2GHZ, right? However Windows shows it clocked at 3.60GHz and the latest Sisoft Sandra shows it at 3.60GHz as well (with an FSB of 450). Sisoft also shows my RAM at 900 MHz!

However CPU-Z shows it as 3.2 GHZ, with the correct 400 FSB. Memory is correct in CPU-Z rated at 800MHz with a 1:1 ratio. I checked the bios and it says 3.20GHz, FSB 400. I just don't know why windows shows it as 3.60GHz. Any thoughts???

Obviously my concern here is that I might be stressing my machine, temps are fine under prime 95 at around 61C max, average of 57C on full load. CPU voltage is at 1.28 in the bios. The rest are set to auto.

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  1. Windows reads the stock multiplier, so it will show up to windows as 400*9=3600mhz.

    Trust CPUZ, it reads it correctly when you change the multi.
  2. Thanks for the clarification.
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