Scalable Display Tech, Has anyone heard of them?

I'm looking at buying a 9800GT card thats made by this manufacturer apparently but i've never heard of them, are they reliable?
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  1. Nope...why not by the bfg one on tigerdirect for $98.99?
  2. Is that in New Zealand?
  3. oh nvm thats US....

    are the top brands not availiable in NZ?
  4. I don't know the top brands.

    I've asked but only had opinions nothing I can base a decision on
  5. EVGA, XFX, BFG....
  6. well i got lucky. I found a XFX 9800gtx+ WITH farcry2 for $450 NZ. thats farking amazing from the prices I've had to wade through lol
  7. Did you mean Scalable Link Interface? Scalable Display Technology is a US company that makes software for edge blending multi-projector displays.
  8. good for you!
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