What benifits do I really get from SLI? Is it truly worth it? :)

I got the 9600GT for Christmas and i'm kinda sad with the proformance... True right now (Untill i have some dough to fork out for my new build) im running:

Windows XP
3.2 Ghz P4
3 gigs of RAM
1tb of internal HD space total
500watt supply (for my future build)
And the 9600GT

(Yea sad I know... :))

So will i see better proformace in this new build (Game speaking) or should i go SLI:

Windows 7
Cooler Master Elite NV-334-KWN1-GP (Are there any cooler <in both ways, no pun intended lol> cases?)
AMD Phenom II x4 955 Black Edition
MSI 770-C45 (I know this is not a SLI mobo, but I can change to one if we find out that SLI will help...)
Coolmaz Silent Fan CXI-500B
Nvidia Geforce 9600GT
Corsair 2GB 240-Pin DDR3 RAM (Is there anything better for 50$ or less?)
Dont have a hard drive picked out-im super broke so im waiting still on the paycheck :)

I also thought on OC'ing but I cant find some good FREE OC software, and im not sure i can do bios changes... Im sorta hesitant... But this could be a choice too...

THANKS Ahead :hello:
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  1. I think the reason im so conciencios about the 9600GT is my friend got a ATI 5770... And has been happy with the supreme graphics that it brings... I cant afford 200$ and my parents bought me my 9600Gt, so (laugh if you will) its kinda special lol.
  2. And the reason im asking and not blindly going and doing is money problems... :)
  3. Yeah, you are actually being held back by your p4.

    Adding another card for sli will not help you at all. The cpu is a HUGE bottleneck for that card.
  4. Im talking about after the P4... Will i see a BIG performance jump when i build my build? Or is it going to be a small one and might as well SLI it.
  5. BTW will oc'ing break my warranty?
  6. Yes, overclocking will kill your warranty. Depends what cpu you use in your new build. If it is a decent new CPU then yes, it will have a significant performance boost.
  7. Lol i have it all listed at the top :) its the Phenom II x4 955 which is the 2 from best CPU that they have untill AMD comes out with their 6 core CPU's later on this year...
  8. Oh sorry man, i didn't even see that. :D

    Yeah, you will see a significant improvement when you SLI them. I would definitely overclock that cpu when you get it as well.
  9. NP :)

    Should i OC OR SLI? Which will i see a more proformance jump? I know i could do both, but for the sake of the question, what would i squeeze out of the card the most?
  10. NP :)

    Would you SLI or OC em? I know you could do both, but for the sake of the question, which would sqeeze more out of the card?
  11. oops posted two of them :) lol srry
  12. What are you thinking about overclocking? The GPU?

    If your overclocking the GPU then you will get maybe a 15% performance boost. With SLI you will get a 70% or so performance boost.
  13. So you think its worth the extra 80 bucks?
  14. If i SLI it, can i do a different card of the 9600GT? Like instead of the XFX version, could i get the PNY? I dont want to buy it used and it looks like newegg doesnt even have my Geforce XFX 9600GT 512mb vmem anymore. Its not listed... Will it matter if i go PNY instead of XFX?

    Links would be great (Oh also, where would i find a SLI little dongle thing?)

    Would the 9600GT SLI'ed come even remotely close to the 5770? Just was wondering-trying to compete with my friend is a little hard when im broke... I know it prolly wont, but i would be good if i could get confermation...
  15. So i have the Nvidia XFX Geforce 9600GT 512mb vRAM. Can i go with a different brand is what im trying to say becuase there isnt a Nvidia XFX Geforce 9600GT 512mb vRAM on Newegg... Might try amazon... :)

    Like i said links would be nice :)!!
  16. no has to be same exact card to work

    Too much in my opion for the card but is the cheapest i could find new.
  17. Yeah, they should be the same card. You could flash the bios...but you wouldnt want to do that b/c to be honest, you dont seem that advanced.

    If i were you, i would sell the 9600 and then buy a couple of a different cards... dont know how much cash you have though. THe SLI bridge comes with your mobo.
  18. i can flash the bios :) done it an my older computer... :) Im just nervous to overclock, i dont want to fry my CPU, or my card... I could set a wrong setting, im really a clutz, and if i set a wrong setting and dont see, that could mean trouble :).

    Woudnt there still be troubles with the drivers working together? Even if I flash the bios?

    Im not the expert when it comes to video cards (as you can see)... 4-5 years ago i had been using windows 2000 with a 333Mhz processor and 512mb of RAM with some sucky video card. Back then it was all memory, OS, and CPU. :)

    Yea, like i said, im kinda partail to that video card, so i prolly just get some one off of ebay that hasnt been opened. (I only buy from the "top rated sellers" or people who have at least a 99.6% reliability with 1000 sells, which usually is a "top rated seller".)

    Oh, lol one more question: Do both cards have to be put in at the same time, i think it wont but i want to just make sure before i screw things up. Im going to have to wait for several months anyways for my to be able to afford the 2nd video card. :(
  19. But yes, your right, im not all that advanced lol :)
  20. I'd say just go with the upgrade and single card and buy a new video card down the line when you have extra scratch. Probably what will give you the biggest boost in the long run.
  21. Lets do 1 thing at a time. I do not believe you understand just how much your old PC is holding back even the single 9600GT you have now. Just upgrading to the new PC with the single 9600GT you have now is going to make a pretty big difference. Get the new rig up and running for now. Don't worry about the 9600GT, and I would not buy another one for SLI.
    Reason #1. nVidia chipset based motherboard, I would not do it, especially for an AMD build. Take my word for it, don't do it. Stay away from nVidia motherboards.
    Reason #2. The 9600GT is a little old, and little weak. You would be far better off to save your money for a higher end single GPU.
  22. :) OK, its better than my old 7300LE, so i think im fine with my 9600 for a few years, just was wondering how much power i would add to my arsenal if i did SLI:). What do you mean nVidia chipset motherboards, do you mean the north and south bridge?
  23. gidgiddonihah said:
    :) OK, its better than my old 7300LE, so i think im fine with my 9600 for a few years, just was wondering how much power i would add to my arsenal if i did SLI:). What do you mean nVidia chipset motherboards, do you mean the north and south bridge?

    Yes, you need a motherboard with an nVidia based chipset that supports SLI to run SLI.
    You must also remember that SLI does not always scale well with everything. Some games may indeed give you a 70% boost, but that would be a game that is highly optimized for SLI. Some will give you no improvement at all. Realistically, you should expect about an 30-50% improvement.

    If I was planning on getting an AMD build, I would want a motherboard with an AMD chipset.

    The only case I would buy a board and run SLI is with the new Intel i5 and i7 platforms. These platforms do support SLI with an Intel chipset.

    Nvidia chipsets are slower that Intel and AMD's offerings, and they also just seem to be flakey or buggy acting. I cannot in good faith suggest a motherboard with an nvidia chipset.

    With these things in mind, I think you should just run with what you have for now, and if you can later, go ahead and just upgrade to a better single card. Like I said, you will pleasantly surprised with the new builds performance over your old rig, and it may be enough to keep you happy for a while with the old 9600GT in there.
  24. So should i fork up the bucks for the i5? lol :)
  25. And which i5??? There is a crazy amount to choose from! lol
  26. Best answer
    saaiello said:
    no has to be same exact card to work

    Too much in my opion for the card but is the cheapest i could find new.

    i dont think it has to be the same exact card.... The only problem with getting a different brand card is that the settings will be different. In return, when the GPU's are SLI'd both cards speed will be set to the slower card.

    I have two gtx 280's<evga superclocked/bfg OC>. When i had them sli'd, the evga defaulted to the bfg because it was slower.
  27. Thanks, that makes me feel somewhat better :).
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