Core2 duo vs core2 quad

Hi! i got my new mobo but now im looking between a core2 duo 3,2ghz FSB 1333mhz or a quad core 2,8ghz FSB 1333mhz wat is beta coz i heard that Core2 duo are Way beta for gaming!! plz help
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  1. If you plan on overclocking the quad will match the dual at anything 3.4 Ghz+ and that is easy with the quad you picked out. This way you can get the same gaming performance and still have all the benefits of quads. If not, the dualcore will do better at stock, but not "way" better.
  2. AT those speeds, the Quad will win in most anything. 400 MHz isn't that huge a diffrence, and the extra two cores will really show off at 2.8 GHz, even if you don't OC.
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