What is best between : X25-V x2 in Raid 0 vs 1* X25-M

Anyone have a clue as of whats best of these 2 options, considering they almost cost the same for 2* 40Gb X25-V and 1* 80Gb X25-M?
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  1. The write speeds wouldn't change alot. Keep in mind the X25-V only has 5 channels; while the X25-M has 10 channels. So the X25-M is like two X25-Vs in RAID0 internally already.

    But RAIDing X25-V's will give you more read performance; as you can go over the interface 300MB/s cap.
  2. Did you read Anand's article?


    That should give you all the answers you need
  3. I don't particularly like that article; it got a lot of unexplained numbers. It also depends on the RAID-engine you're using and how you setup the RAID.

    For example, i think you should get a decent gain on random read which Anand wasn't able to deliver.
  4. hmm. Well, I know that Anand has done a LOT more research on SSD's than most of us so I trust his wisdom. There are obvious benefits to raiding these drives no matter how you feel about the article.

    I guess just getting the one drive will eliminate some hassles involved with a raid array, although there may be significant performance gains to be had with raid.
  5. Losing TRIM is a blow though :/
    Think im going for the X25-M then.
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