New Build - no signal to monitor! Please help!

I just put my new build together and for some odd reason my monitor does not receive any signal from the Graphics card. I've swapped monitors and also graphics cards and yet the monitor still did not receive a signal! :fou:
I'm out of clues to what could lead to the problem.

My setup is:

Phenom 2 940
- Coolermaster V8

Asus M3N79-T Deluxe

OCZ Platinum Ed. RAM 4GB

Powercolor HD4870 PCS+ 1GB

OCZ ModXStream 600W Powersupply

Up to now I've tested the RAM, which works fine. I'm about to test the graphics card, I won't be able to test the CPU/motherboard...So I guess if the graphics card works, it must be one of those causing the problem. I'll post the result in a bit.

I hope that I don't have to RMA anything, so hopefully someone has a clue to solving this problem. :hello:

Any info/input is appreciated! :D

Thnx in advance!

- Shugs
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  1. Additional info - I'm not sure whether the computer even POSTs, there is no sound coming from the speaker when trying to POST/boot. I hope this may help narrowing the problem.
  2. Did u make sure the ports were correct? or check on switching the power cords?
  3. @fullmetall: I switched the cords, and everything seems to be connected correctly. I switched ports on the PSU from the pcie connectors and also ports on the graphics card for the monitor (tried both DVI ports through VGA adapter on both my monitors).

    I didn't realize this in the beginning, but I assumed that the comp would boot since there was no signal/sound from the speaker to state otherwise. Yet I suppose that the reason the monitor is not receiving a signal is because the system is not POSTing. However I have no clue what could lead to this problem...
  4. I'm pretty much in the dark here, I've never had this problem before and don't have a single clue on what it could be.
  5. I had the same problem. I tested many graphics card and rams but the keyboard,monitor still not work. Soo to the last i bought a new CPU and then all of the things worked.

    Sorry for my bad English
  6. @Tapped - Thanks, don't worry about your english ;) I think i'll give the service hotline for info and possibly RMA the CPU.

    Problem is also that I have no means of testing the CPU so I assume if the system doesn't POST/boot then it has to be the CPU or?
  7. your not getting any beep post codes from the mobo at all?
  8. If your ram is not tightly in or a bad stick of ram it will not post. Try putting in different single sticks of ram.
  9. @fullmetal: nope, i'm gonna try to put on another speaker that I have lying around from an older pc just incase. I think its maybe just the motherboard thats flawed, although it gets power and everything. I'm about to test the graphics card on another comp...if works then maybe I have to update the BIOS, could be that the mobo doesn't recognize my CPU? Although its brand new and "AM3 ready" so I assume that the phenom II's are already defined in the default bios.
  10. @runmymouth: I have tested the ram on this older asus board and they work fine single/both together (dual channel) that should exclude the ram from the list of possibilities, right? if this older board can use 'em then the newer one should have even less problems with it or?
  11. When I've had dodgy ram, or an incompatible CPU, I've always at least had some error beeps.

    Sounds like PSU or mobo to me - Do you have a voltmeter (or a PSU tester is better) to check the voltages are correct on the ATX plug?
  12. Seems you have to update your bios to the latest version (v602), check Get a cheap processor from a friend or so
  13. I recently had this issue when I rebuilt my computer from one case into another. (With a new cpu cooler, etc. as well.) I took the computer completely apart, then rebuilt it.

    And it worked on the 2nd "rebuild." In my opinion, I believe that I had a short between the MB and the case. (Maybe a cable or screw allowing the MB and case to touch where they shouldn't.) But, I can't be certain that was the cause.
  14. Well maybe you have to remove everything then replaced everything in the casing.
    I once experienced this...
    I just remove the mobo and all the components then when I installed everything the new PC worked fine...

    Just try it...
    If it don't work then a major component is faulty like the motherboard or CPU..

    Try without the RAM to see if you hear nay beep sound.....
  15. Thanks everyone for the good tips, I am going to my brothers place tomorrow and see if the mobo works with his athlon64 chip. I just took it out of the case again since I can't remove the coolermaster V8 from inside the case (has a plate on the button). I hope that it works w/his cpu and then I'll upgrade the BIOS and cross my fingers that it works. Otherwise I'll take everything out of the case and put it in again.

    If i upgrade to the latest BIOS version on the ASUS site then it also includes the previous updates right?? Since they are all the same size I didn't get the impression that the latest update includes the previous ones as well (never had to update before, in the past everything always worked fine).

    @kyzarvs: I don't have a voltmeter nor psu tester, although it clearly powers the cpu coolers fan and the mobo (onboard power and reset buttons function properly).

    thanks again for all the input guys!
  16. Ok, so i put in my bro's athlon cpu and the comp fully booted, I updated the BIOS to version 602 so it would recognize the phenom 2 940 and it worked so the system is now up and running.

    Thanks to everyone for their input and help!

    - Shugs
  17. shugs said:
    Ok, so i put in my bro's athlon cpu and the comp fully booted, I updated the BIOS to version 602 so it would recognize the phenom 2 940 and it worked so the system is now up and running.

    Thanks to everyone for their input and help!

    - Shugs

  18. Congrates on finding the problem.
  19. Long ago what I would do is strip it down to the bare minimum. With mobo, cpu, ram, video and nothing else, it should do something. Once you get that to work, then put it in the case and start adding other things.
  20. Yeah, originally I ended up testing everything one by one on my second comp, atleast what was possible to be tested. Although everything seemed to work, I didn't know what was causing the problem at that time...and even the basic setup couldn't boot, not even POST. So I was pretty much in the dark, I never had this type of problem before...

    Thus for whoever might read this post having similar problems...try finding a CPU that is recognized by the mobo and update the bios to the latest version!
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