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I have a dual boot going between vista and xp. Im having a problem tho. My computer wont recognize my keyboard when it starts so it wont let me choose to launch windows. So it auto boots vista and then the keyboard works fine. I dont know what the problem is.
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  1. Is your dual boot on same HDD or two seperate HDD's? If it's on the same HDD but with two partitions which OS did you load first? IMO when setting up to dual boot from the same HDD it's best to load XP first on Partition 1 and Vista on partition 2. So, which one did you load first?
  2. I had xp first and then added vista later. I can remember if there on the same partition.
  3. Did you try a more generic keyboard? Also, what boot menu are you using to boot (vista with EasyBCD i assume).
  4. you can actually fix the boot order with EasyBCD.
  5. Are you using a USB keyboard? If so, try getting a keyboard with the standard PS/2 connection.
  6. Yep the PS2 keyboard is the way to go.
    I have a question though.
    Can you use your keyboard to get into your system bios?
    If not then you defiantly need a PS2 keyboard.
    The set your bios to allow the computer to control the keyboard, which I am guessing is a USB one.
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