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Hello, I partitioned my hard drive before i installed XP splitting my hard drive into 2 separate partitions. I installed XP onto the 2nd partition (D:) and i used the C: for all my movies and music. No i have just got another hard drive as mine is nearly full but i want to partition my original hard drive into 1 partition without losing my windows files & settings and then copy all my music and movies over to my new hard drive.

What would be the best way to do this?
Bearing in mind that my boot files are stored on the C: drive.

Here's a picture of my drives so you get a better idea
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  1. Anyone?
  2. Question: When you are in windows what does it show as the system drive? C or D? And why did you install it on the 2nd partition to begin with?

    Install the new hard drive and copy over your music and movies to it to clean off the partition. I would think your boot files are on the same partition as what windows is installed on, so you should be safe to delete the now empty partition from within windows. I would make sure you have backups of your data first. Once this partition is deleted you can use a partition program to resize your system drive.

    Just make sure you have backups. Can't stress that enough.

    Edit: just checked your picture more closely and the boot files are on c along with windows so you shouldn't have a problem deleting the D partition from within windows.

    It is curious that you have two windows folders and 2 doc and settings folders.
  3. Yeah having alot of media made me partition the drives to keep media and random documents on 1 partition and to keep windows on another, however as you noticed i have a windows folder in both drives but only one is active, D: but the boot files are on C: for some reason, i don't even know you could place the boot files on a seperate drive to what XP is installed on.

    Short of the long is i need to reinstall xp but keep current program files, anything else can go i don't need it, is this possible?
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