Ati 2900xt 1GB doesnt work with TV 32" Sony Bravia, any solution?

Ok, here is the thing:

TV is fine, works perfectly with Laptop so nothing wrong about it I guess.

But when I try to connect it to my PC which has GC mentioned above it doesn't work. The connection I try to make is via HDMI. The GC has got 2xDVI but the card was supplied with DVI-HDMI adaptor.
In GC options I have the TV listed but any time I try to extend the desktop on TV or clone it it shows me : "unsupported signal bla bla bla..."

Has any of you had that kind of problem and maybe know the solution?
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  1. Either your refresh rates are set too high (make sure your refresh rate on the PC is set to 60hz) or you are running in a resolution higher than the TV supports.
  2. I tried both, 59 and 60 refresh rates and i am getting that info about unsuported signal on TV screen for all resolutions.

    PC settings see TV as as Sony TV and I can set the resolution for the TV signal, but it doesnt work :/

    In laptop case it is just Plug in and all works fine :/
  3. Try setting the resolution.
    My older model only supports 800x600 and 1024x768 anything else I get unsupprted signal...It automatically tried to set the tv resolution as the laptop resolution 1280x1024.
    After setting the laptop to 1024x768 and booting the tv was detected and displayed after booting into windows. I then set the laptop panel back to 1280x1024 and it works.
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