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Hi i have missing rundll32.exe

I have tried downloading free programs that have been reccomended but then i cant install them i get a msg "this program does not have a file assosiated with it for performing this action . create an assosiation in the folder options control panel " I have been in the control panel and found folders but then im lost !!!!!!!!

I can run firefox but ony if i right click then click run as and enter username & password.

this all started due to a virus called XP total security please beware of it as it turns off protection and denies you use of control panel etc.

I used malbytes anti malware to get rid of it but somewhere along the line some dlls have gone missing.
As i say i cannot download these as it wont install.

I am at a dead end any advice would be most welcome.

Thanks for taking the time out to read this

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  1. free programs are usually bad news but you can probably fix it by deleting all free security programs, and doing the repair install of the operating system.
    The directions are located in this forum, sixth post from the top. This will not erase your personal files and programs, but it will restore just the operating system files.

    In the future, use an all in one professional security program such as norton, panda, kapersky, and you will not be having the headaches that free security downloads create.

    However, back up all your personal files, to a thumb drive, CD, DVD, online backup service, as soon as you can, before you try any more will be fortunate if you can save all your files and photos, just in case.

    Then if the repair (as above) fails, you can always do a fresh install, using the XP disk, or a win 7 disk, reformat the drive, load a fresh OS, then put your personal files in from the back up.
  2. Install a powerful antivirus and run a complete PC scan.
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