I broke my HD. Please help

I accidentally stepped on the side of my laptop Lenovo Y430 yesterday. It as a quick step, not much force at all. Since then the system is not booting and I checked the errors and they point to the HD not being recognized. The Bios shows no HD.

I opened up the laptop, took out the HD and tried it in a different laptop and computer and it is not being recognized there either. I'm surprised that a small step on the location of the HD knocked it out.

I am some very important data on the HD. Any idea what could have gone wrong and can I do something to retreive this data. I am thinking any software based method is not going to work since the HD is not even recognized in the bios. On external examination the HD looks undamaged. The pins and connections are all still sturdy.
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  1. you may find some professional data recovery solution, and they will charge you a lot ..
    its not possible for software to help you unless it's recognized by BIOS..

    better try to cover it with airtight plastic bag and keep it in freezer for some time 10 to 15 mins or shake the HDD little bit heavily with your hand and the connect it with your PC & check it..

    if your going for professional data recovery make sure they are trusted source...
  2. JackNaylorPE said:

    Whats that got to do with a brroken HDD??
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