Are my temps high for my setup?

I'm running a lapped i7 - 920 at 4ghz, 1600 ram, 1.28 Vcore, hyperthreading on, with a lapped true copper, with push pull nexus ds12-pl 120mm fans. It's quiet and stable. I've been using arctic 5 for a while and then tried ic diamond, but my temps went up 4 degrees. I followed their instructions perfectly. Anyway, now that I'm back on arctic 5, they're back to where they were.

40-41˚ idle, and prime 95 loaded for an hour they hit 72-74. Are these acceptable? I feel like I should be able to do a little better, especially at idle. cpu D is usually as much as 5˚ cooler than the hottest. I'd be happier if they were all cpu D's temps. I've lapped the true like 3 times, thinking that may be the problem. But it seems very flat, and when I do the razor test I only have extremely slight fall off on the edge. contact looks good, i've tried reseating it many times. I've tried very little paste, and two of my cores were slightly warmer. I even installed the washer hack to increase mounting pressure.. That actually helped by about 5˚, so I was happy with that..

Where should I be at? I appreciate any info.

Should I turn off hyperthreading? I could use the ten degree temp drop.

What vcore are your 4ghz 920's at?
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  1. Your temps are OK. I would leave HT on. Whats your vcore?

    I have my 920 - C0 - at 1.33V HT on. Idle temps are 38-40 C and Prime95 running around 75-79 C. Temp reading is with Core Temp.
  2. temp reading is with real temp, vcore is 1.2875, dO stepping.
  3. You have good temps nothing to worry about. You have a nice D0 running 4ghz with 1.28V not bad.
  4. thanks dude.
  5. I'm running a 920 w/ Megahalems and Diamond TIM non lapped....temps are 66-72 under full load at 4.4 Ghz, 1.24 Vcore and 1200 rpm fans.

    One thing on the's not in the instructions oddly. IC Diamond TIM requires a 10 minute evaporation time. I guess it has some thinner that allows it to flow outta those silly hypodermic things and that needs to evaporate.

    Also, I did an extreme OC to try and drive it up higher than it would ever see and after doing to, the temps at normal settings dropped substantially.
  6. dang.. 1.24 Vcore!? you sure you didn't mean 1.34? Is that even possible? should I try to get mine lower? I didn't even try going below 1.2875
  7. i did not give it 10 minutes to evaporate. that could have been the problem. Also, when I took it off after maybe an hour with the ic diamond. There was a ring where the paste was and I could NOT get it off, almost as if it had marked the surface. I ended up having to sand both very slightly to remove it.
  8. Remember that heat depends on the chip also!
  9. Ah maybe I just have A hot chip. I'm expirementing now and have the vcore at 1.24 and PLL at 1.84. It's running intel burn test now, but CPUz says it's at 1.232 v. I assume that's vdroop? Is that bad? Temps are only 3-4 degrees better with the much lower vcore. Still hitting 71. Intel burn test is showing 49.5 gflops speed and about 700 seconds per test. I have a feeling it's not going to be stable at this vcore. But yeah, seems temps aren't that much better anyway.
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