To those who have mounted CPU coolers on Asus M4A79T Deluxe

Hi, I just put together a build using the new Asus board. I re-used my CPU cooler from my last build because it did such a good job (ran my X2 at 3.6 gig from 2.6 stock). However, on my new board the CPU cooler is blocking the orange DIMM slots with the RAM I'm using. So I'm shopping for a new cooler and before I buy I want confirmation from a person that has mounted one first hand that it doesn't block the orange DIMMS with this RAM.

This is the cooler:

This is the RAM:

I am using the Coolermaster 690 case.

If you are able, give me a recomendation on a CPU cooler for the AMD X3 720 Black Edition. I'm currently running 3.2 gigs. Thanks.
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  1. Well so far I haven't put one on mine yet but i have the same processor and mobo. Running at the same speed (3.2). I'm also looking for an aftermarket cooler for this. But you know you can't really go wrong with Zalman coolers. Like the CNPS9700.


    But instead of paying the $55 for it, you can normally find one that is refurbed on ebay that's at least $10 cheaper than retail.

    And I've never had any clearance problems before with Zalman, and they look cool :D
  2. Yeah it probably works fine with normal RAM. However I can't put my RAM in the Orange slots.
  3. Well, if you base it off this image (it was my old computer with the Zalman 9500 on it), it doesn't really go that far towards the memory. Only maybe 1/2" at the most.

    And with the memory I got in mine now: , my memory sticks just as far up (if not further) than yours does.

    And I would still feel safe sticking with Zalman.

    Later (if i can find the mounting brackets), i will probably transfer that cooler to my new AM3 system, as for now, the stock works fine and quiet. Never getting above 49*C.

    Edit: Turns out I won't be putting my old one on. I have the regular version instead of the 9500"A" version. :( Oh well I'll try getting one on eBay.
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