my 4870 problem in far cry 2

let me tell you guys about my problem.
i have 4870 under the hood to play with a 22" LG 226WTQ LCD. i love it (but maybe it doesn't love me coz actually i run it with a 5200+ AMD athlon, haha),but that's just fine, until..
i installed far cry 2 couple days ago, and that game start to bother our peaceness.. :fou:
on first time i run the game, it set the default to very high setting at dx9 mode. i increased the res to 1680x1050 and aa to 4x.the performance was good n solid. no shuttering at all.then, i maxed it out to ultra setting, still in dx9. i lost some fps n got some microshuttering issue under complex shadows.but that's not the problem.
the problem was when i tried to use dx10, after restarting the game, it just run like a snail. just about 0,5fps from the first opening screen, and that's constant/even worse.i simply thought maybe it caused by the gpu loading activity or minor bug. i used all my patience to reach the game scene n hope it would be normalized.but the loading was never complete. i pressed esc,alt+f4,alt+tab buttons like crazy to stop the was over. but when i restart it again, it's not in fullscreen windowed to 1440x900 res.i switched to dx9 mode to make it fullscreen, but it didn't you know, there's no fullscreen toggle button on the menu, so i can't switch it back. if i force using EZ zooming button on my panel to make it fullscreen, the game will started to run on verylow fps like i said before.

then, after reinstall the game n make some test using dx9 n dx10 (n have same problem), lately i found issue on the grass and skin under DX10.the problems are: grain grass( i don't know how call it in english) sun's reflection on head skin softening method on AA

i switch to new driver, but no resolve.
does anyone of you have these problem?
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  1. I think it is alt + enter to go into full screen mode. I get that too though, it wants to run in window mode once in a while for some reason. Edit - Oh yeah I forgot to add, whenever I minimize the screen and then go back to it, it never returns to the correct resolution. It will come back to what looks like just a zoomed in full screen. Maybe I am not describing it correct but it looks like crap what ever it is. I just have to restart it when that happens.

    A few questions/comments.

    First, did you have a different video card in this system before the 4870? You can't just install the ATI drivers over old drivers. You have to go in and uninstall everything related to ATI. If you had an NV card before that even makes it worse. You have to unistall ALL video drivers, delete ALL ATI or NV files and then install the new 8.11 drivers. So...make sure you do that when switching drivers.

    2nd, go though the catalyst control center, go under 3D settings and make sure you have everything set to use the application settings. If you have AA/AF and all of that crap on it really takes down the performance. Just turn everything off but I would leave the mipmap settings to the max quality.

    Here is a good article if you want to read up on the settings

    3rd, I get huge performance hits with using U.High shadows. V.high seems to make the 4870 happy. How does 2xAA @ U.High everything except for V.High shadows run in DX10? Those settings should run pretty smoothly for you.

    4th, defrag your HDDs if you haven't in a while. That usually helps with performance too.
  2. I thought driver cleaner is no longer supported by the developer and most of all they're charging money.

    Go with Driver Sweeper also found on It's free and it's more up to date.
  3. Good to know, thanks!
  4. I would strongly urge you not to use registry cleaning programs. If you do back your registry up before hand and create a restore point to CYA. DriverSweeper crashed on me and took out one of my HDDs a couple of weeks ago.
  5. thank's for the advice spinacheater..
    oh yeah, about the dx10 problem, i don't think the driver is the problem here coz from the first time i install vista, i've been ati, altough it's just dx9 thing 1650xt..or should i try to use that driner cleaner anyway?
    then how about you guys using ati hotfix for this game? does it works,or it just mess yous fps like many other says?
    about the shadow and settings, i think u're right. this beast doesn't beast enough to use ultra high setting for shadow. actually it was running on 24 fps in my last benchmark for 1680x1050,4xaa,all ultra setting. but instad force it use ultra and face lags when playing, it would be wise if i use v.high for shadow and playing at 30fps..don't ya think?
    have good time guys..
  6. Exactly what happened to me too. It's on a clean install of Vista. Well I play with ultra high + 2xAA and I get around 40 now.. before it was 50 and pretty stable with 8.10 drivers.
  7. Hi, i am using 4870 too for farcry 2 and seem to have a similar problem. First too weeks were perfect. Then the draw distance became bad. The stones only appear when i go near them. The tearing got worst. When i went to service centre, they tested in a new system using my harddisk with a 4870x2 and had the same problem. And they claimed that's normal. Pls do advise. Is there any other drivers that i'm missing or is this how the game is?
  8. are you playing dx10 dx9? are you playing @ the highest possible graphics option?

    restore Catalyst Control Center to factory defaults. someone mustve tinkered with your CCC while you were away.

    this might help, just might set your SMOOTHVISION HD: Aniso Filter to 16x (uncheck the box)
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