Harddrive not being read

ok guys, please help urgent!

My friend has a SATA 250gb harddrive.. it ran fine in my pc. so i set it up in his ( this is his only one ) it is running windows 7 ( with nothing on ) . it reads the hardrive in bios, BUT it will not let us change the boot priority, and when I start up it says, BOOTMRG cannot be found ( something like that ) then press Ctrl=alt=dlt to restart . please help! i have put the HD in all different 5 sata ports but that is not helping . plz help!
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  1. someone please help!
  2. update the bios, it could have compatibility issues. or there might be a setting in the bios your missing. did you say that your 250 HDD that ran in your rig is the ONLY harddrive in his comp, or is it a second one. if so, there might be a second setting in your bios to set what hdd is recognized first in the list. then that will be the one that shows up in your boot priority.
  3. ok thanks! firstly how do I update the bios with out getting to windows ?? and secodnly, the harddrive was working in my PC has a secondary. So that could be the problembut how do we change it. thanks
  4. the motherboard is a intel media series :) one, oh and my harddrive did not work in his pc either. what happened was, it started loading my windows 7 then just shut down.
  5. please guys! someone must know, i need to get this fixed...
  6. Try booting with the Win 7 DVD and select the REPAIR option, that should fix the bootmgr not found error.

    No need to update the BIOS!!
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