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I reposted here because I noticed I posted my question under the wrong topic.
I have a Phenom II X2 555BE. I am going to be unlocking the extra 2 cores and overclocking to 3.6GHz at 1.432 volts. What cooler should I use. The cpu will run around 41c idle to 69c full load with all 4 cores using the stock cooler. I need to bring this down to at least 55c full load if not lower using air cool.

mobo Gigabyte MA790X-UD4P
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  1. Best air cooler: Prolimatech Megashadow/Megahalems

    Best bang for the buck: CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Plus
  2. Ya +1^,

    Get the CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Plus ,A good cpu cooler from coolermaster!
  3. I will be installing a hyper 212 plus hopefully in the next few days, the poor Zz can't hold up. Temps drop off very fast(back to idle+1 or 2 in about 15 seconds), but the peaks are too high. I'll report back my experience.
  4. +1 to Hyper 212 Plus.

    I bought it recently, and I have to say I like it. At around 30$, it's definitely value. It decreased my idle temps by 10C and my load temps by 20C, with 32C ambient.
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