M2N Sli Deluxe and AM3 processors

i was wondering if anybody has seen pics or heard from people using the AM3 socket PII's in the M2N Sli Deluxe

I have seen reports of the PII 920&940BE working, but those are AM2+. So i don't know if the AM3 would work or not
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  1. The M2N Sli Deluxe isn't on Asus' list of AM3-ready MBs (although other M2Ns are), and thus they don't have a BIOS for it that will support the AM3s. Sorry.
  2. Ok, though, i am thinking about tempting fate to try it, and if it doesnt work, get a new mobo
  3. And perhaps a new CPU, if the M2N fries your AM3...
  4. yeah, that would suck, but, since im poor, ill just wait and get a new setup anyways, a new 1k system would destroy this one
  5. Hi
    I have the same MOBO, I read about this topic, but the Phenom II that was used have a AM2+ Socket Requirements, recently ASUS post a 1701 BIOS version for support the latest Athlon X2 7750 BE, but many people test the news Phenom II version with AM2 socket.

  6. well axlel, as far as i know, people have gotten the am2+ phenom II's working in this motherboard, however, i can't find any news about the am3 lineup working in this motherboard
  7. bump
  8. just grabbed an amd 955 today. it seems stuck at 800mhz (btw i'm using an m2n-e board)
    i tried changing the multiplier in the bios (and disabling qnq), but no joy also can't seem to find any software overclocking tool that actually starts
  9. hmmm, well, i might try this with one of my friends boards (i no longer have it because i sold the computer) and i have an PII 810, i don't think the AM3 PII's will work though
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