Kingwin 1000w Modular SLI certified PSU help needed

Hi there

I recently bought a Kingwin 1000w Modular SLI certified PSU from Ebuyer on 16th Jan

After installing it the pc worked fine, had a nice LED, nice big fan, cool looks and all was happy. Then in the last couple of days the pc started turning off randomly. On pressing the power button after the monitor would not come on and the pc wouldnt boot up with the mobo displaying a red light under the cpu fan connector and FF on a little screen on the mobo (this means fully functional but does not say this until what I presume is a test where different codes are displayed before settling on FF).

I thought it could be overheating but all temps were fine. I did all the usual checks like making sure components were seated properly. I thought it could be the 2x 6pin PCI power connectors were faulty so swapped them to the upgraded 6 + 2 pin power connectors but same problem.

I swapped the PSU out for an older 500w £19.99 psu I had for an old pc. Everything works fine now so I settled with the PSU being faulty.

Ebuyer are coming to collect the Kingwin tomorrow and a full refund will be issued when they confirm that it doesnt work their end.

My reason for posting is this. Why would the PSU work for a few days then decide to die. Is there any specific requirements that my mobo needs (XFX 780i 3-way SLI) power wise and what should I go for when I receive my refund as I dont want to have to go through this process again. PSUs are the one thing I dont know much about when it comes to Desktop PCs but I thought it would have worked fine with my setup as it did for all of 5 days.

I am using:

XFX 780i 3-way SLI
Intel Q9550 @ 2.83GHZ (not o/c'ed)
XFX 8800 GTX 768mb (not o/c'ed)
4GB Corsair XMS2 800mhz PC 6400
Razer Lycosa
Razer Lachesis
Xion Stacker Tower

Many Thanks in advance for any help
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  1. best is to buy a new one send the old one back in the new box and resell the old one - if the issue is only that you do not have a recipet.

    but the manufacture should still warranty it
  2. oh it is in the process of being refunded just gotta hope it still doesnt work when ebuyer test it. My query is what would be a good psu around the 1000w range for the mobo im using. Ive heard it can be power hungry. And is this likely to happen again or did I just get a bad PSU
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