need to cool my 4850

I am looking into getting a cooler for my ridiculously hot 4850 (it reaches 103 degrees when gaming and high 60s when idle...this is WITH the fan fix at 60%).
I was looking into getting this cooler]
What do you guys think? any suggestions?
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  1. How's your case's air flow? Are you sure the fan fix is actually speeding up the fan?

    I only ask because with my Asus card they included a program that let me set fan speed and at 55% in my decently ventilated case it idles around or below 40C and tops out around 60-65C.

    As for that cooler, I've seen that type around for a while but never tried one (I always wanted one that vented out the back of the case). Doesn't look too bad though. Just be sure it'll fit your card.
  2. I will be the first one to admit that my case air flow isnt the greatest...I think I only have one 120mm fan blowing out...
    I am pretty sure the fan is running faster because I can actually hear whenever the fan rev up whenever I apply the fan fix...I was thinking about getting a pci slot cooler and placing it right under the video card but thought that replacing the cooling on the card would have a greater effect...
  3. Simply adding an intake fan at front of the case can help dramatically.
    No fan on the card is going to do a good job if the case is full of hot air!
  4. will certainly do...was planning on getting the 120mm intake fan along with the new vga cooler...
  5. ahslan said:
    will certainly do...was planning on getting the 120mm intake fan along with the new vga cooler...

    That would be a great idea.

    Please post your results here once you got 'em! I'm curious.
  6. dont go for the zalmin its to expensive, go for this
  7. which brand is ur 4850?
  8. rangers said:
    dont go for the zalmin its to expensive, go for this

    the akasa dual-slot is a very nice cooler, mainly b/c it cna actually let the hot air outside of the case instead of hte hot air staying inside the case and being recirculated.

    Plus if you like the blue led's it is a mesmerizing hue to stare at, if you don't like that sort of thing than go for something conservative like the zalamn or try the Xigmatek battle axe

    it's pretty good in it's own right but it doesn't outtake [is that even a word?] hot air..
  9. rangers said:
    dont go for the zalmin its to expensive, go for this

    is that cooler available in the US?

    which brand is ur 4850?


    Was leaning towards the Zalman vga cooler i linked mainly because its only $17.50 + $5 shipping...which isnt that bad...I guess I would have to add another $10 for more vram heatsinks (heard that the kit doesnt come with enough of them), so i guess that defeats the purpose of its cheap pricetag...
  10. I just ordered a VF1000 for my 4850. A bit more expensive, but better cooling. Also, on sale with free shipping right now.]
  11. ahslan said:
    is that cooler available in the US?

    which brand is ur 4850?


    This one?]

    I have this GPU and when I got it I replaced the crummy thermal compound that came with the heatsink with Arctic Silver 5. Just an idea....
  12. Well the newegg link u provided seems to be deactivated, leading me to believe that its the same one i have...I ordered my 4850 right when they started coming out (so it doesnt have the new improved aftermarket cooler that the current gigabyte 4850s have)...
    Anyways, how are ur temps currently with the stock cooler? Some friend told me not to bother wasting money on an aftermarket cooler but instead buy some new thermal tape and use the cheap dynex thermal paste i have on the stock cooler...wat do u think?
  13. I have this card :]

    As it is I don't think I ever go above 69 Celsius with load. I idle at about 40-44 Celsius.

    Use the thermal tape for what? I don't fully understand what your friend wants you to do...
  14. my bad...i made a friend told me that I would have to buy thermal tape for the small heatsinks for the vram if i were to buy an aftermarket cooler...

    I looked at your video card and its not the same as mine...mine is the one with the original design cooler...yours looks to have a zalman cooler which would provide much better cooling
  15. I assume the thermal tape would be for transferring the heat to the aftermarket heatsink? If so I see no reason why you can't just use the same thermal paste on everything. Just don't get any on anything else. Some of the best thermal paste is Arctic Silver 5, it's fairly pricey though.

    Yeah that's why I bought that specific model because of that cooler. Is there anyway you could send that card back and get that model?
  16. the thermal tape is used to keep the small heatsinks that go on the vram attached to it...the thermal paste would be used for the gpu core itself...I currently own a tube of this stuff]
    I bought it cuz one time i need some thermal paste in a hurry and the quickest thing to do was to go to best buy and buy that...but im guessing its still probably better than whats on my card right now...

    And im not sure if gigabyte will allow me to trade in my current card for a new one...idk if anyone else knows anything about that...
  17. Well Ok then, good luck.... I think it's a great card overall except for the temps..
  18. i was playing Project Torque and my cards temp reached 105...I cant take this anymore!!!!
  19. OK my suggestion is to get a good intake fan (and exhaust too, if it's a crappy fan that came with the case). If you temps are still not ok, which i highly doubt, then i would suggest ghetto modding a fan somehow... but we will get to that only if need be :lol:

    you really don't want to be spending as much on the aftermarket cooling as you are on the card... just doesn't make sense price/performance wise. i mean if you're spending an extra... say even just $50, that $50 could have got you a much better card! it just doesn't work in my mind.
  20. um apart from good case airflow, which is very important, you may want to make sure your card isnt clogged with dust. i was baffled that at 60% fan i was getting 55C idle , and high 90s in Crysis, at stock speeds. so it struck me that it might help to remove the plastic red cover that Sapphire slaps over their 4850 coolers. when i took it off, the real problem instanlty became apparent: the intake slots in the cooler were clogged with dust. i vacuumed them out, reapplied some nice thermal paste on the core and left the plastic piece off. result: fan at 50%, 49C idle, high 60s in Fallout, high 80s in Crysis, 685/1125 havent tried 60% fan but i dont see the need at this point. obviously the temps can be better and i still want to get a cooler, but this is a huge improvement, created with just a little maintenance.
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