Cdboot: memory overflow error (help me with this please)

pls help me how to fix memory overflow error & my hard disc are not boot properly & show no 80 conductor installed but sometimes it will go to sep-up process wen i formatt but hd not accessible so i exit.
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  1. You want to have your HD connected to motherboard with an 80pin data cable (marked on it), not the old 40pin (if you have an EIDE or ATA-66+ HD). If you do have the cable, make sure pin 1 is aligned with the one on drive and motherboard side also. If you don't have a modern HD, switch off the 80pin cable warning in BIOS. CD drive cable must also be inserted properly, aligning pin 1 and same on motherboard side, unless slave to HD, in which case make sure HD and CD have jumper switches properly set for Master/Slave and cable connected properly to drives as Master/Slave.
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