ASUS p6t WS pro HELP!!

So I decided to build my own setup not too long ago & I'm pretty sure I screwed something up either on the motherboard or on the CPU.

1) I installed the CPU the wrong way I didn't realize that it had grooves cut in on the side to though I wouldn't say that I tried to force the CPU in there to the point where I would have bent one of the pins on the motherboard.

2) due to trying to install the CPU the wrong way would the motherboard be more likely to be damaged as a result? or the CPU? or both?

The system doesn't post at all. I can see that there is power running into the board the power standby LED is lit, also there is another blue led closer to the center of the board that just keeps blinking. I don't get any bios beeps or anything. I plugged in the diagnostic card and it registers an error code of "F.F." I looked through the list of error codes & it's not even listed. I've looked all over online and havn't found any instances of this happening. I tried re-seating the CPU thinking that it may be a contact issue between the pins on the MB making contact w/ the CPU but no go...

the total package is :

ASUS P6T ws Professional
intel i7 920
standard intel heatsink
Antec TruePower Quattro 1000 Power supply
6 gigs ram
500 gig HD
LG 22x DVD-r
PNY - Verto NVIDIA GeForce 9600 gt

if anyone's got any insight into this it would be a huge help as im about ready to throw this thing out the window. Thanks!!
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  1. I would think the CPU is more likely to be damaged, but it could be the MB. Most likely something got shorted out/fried on one or the other.
  2. thanks for replying, out of curiosity what would ...or how could you short something out?
  3. Electriciy flowing the wrong way.
  4. A lot of the connections on the socket and bottom of the CPU are power or ground connections. The most obvious possibility: connecting power to ground directly causes an immediate large current flow that only stops when something in the pathway burns/melts/vaporizes. This leads to the "magic smoke" that people joke about (i.e. "I let the magic smoke out of my CPU, so it doesn't work anymore").
  5. More than likely you fried the CPU. The post card showing FF just means that the system is completely dead and the display is showing all 1's which is the power on default value of the register driving the post card LEDs.

    One approach is to see how much Asus would want to service the P6T motherboard and have them take a look at it. If they said that there was nothing wrong with it then you'd know that you fried the CPU.

    If you wanted to go at it yourself, you could pickup an open box i7 motherboard on Newegg or one on eBay as cheaply as possible (looks to be around $200) in the hopes that the CPU is still OK and try and bring that up. If this worked I would send P6T MB to Asus to have it fixed. If it didn't work then you'd need to get a new CPU but I would not install it into the P6T motherboard until I closely inspected the CPU socket (think magnifying glass) to make sure I didn't mangle some pins in it. This is riskier, but it might be faster and cheaper since you'll be able to resell the cheap temporary MB if it turned out that you had killed your CPU and your P6T MB was OK.
  6. First sorry for my english , i m french .

    Then, i had the same problem , diagnostic card shows FF (and no F.F.) i read a lot of forums and start to panic reading "fried cpu" and "dead mother board".

    I try without the graphic card, without the hdd, don t work !!!

    i was nearly to erase the cmos memory

    and i remember that i had noticed a few days ago that my old ps2 keabord had trouble so i decided to unplugged it, and then, the pc boot again !!!

    So first don't panic, then unplugged all peripherals, then the hardware....

    and may be it will boot again.

    my configuration :
    Core i7 920
    2 X 500 GO
    900 W
    2 grafx
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