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I am at the tail end of a year-long weird computer issue. First, my computer started "lagging" or holding up during routine procedures... for example, minimizing or maximizing a window. I would sit there and watch it go one notch at a time, taking 60 seconds to minimize a window. One time it froze up so much, that I HIT it hard, and it jolted out of it and worked fine for a while.

I realized over time that if I put pressure directly on the GPU on my hard drive, that the computer would work fine. Is there any way of replacing the GPU, or do I even need to if it works fine when I put pressure on it?

Has anyone heard of this before? What sort of possible fixes might be available for this? Thanks for any and all answers!

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  1. What do you mean by "GPU on my hard drive"? Your GPU (graphics processing unit) is on your graphics card. It sounds like something is not quite physically secure, and that replacing whatever it is that you're pressing (either graphics card or hard drive) should solve the problem.
  2. Sorry, I meant GPU on my motherboard. Here is a picture with what I believe to be the GPU circled in red. It says "ATI" on it, which I am familiar with when it comes to video.

    I have recently done more reading and found that sometimes you have to get chips "reflowed" - that is, heated to the point where the solder re-melts and flows back down to make the proper connection.

    Can someone confirm they believe this is the problem i'm having?
  3. That looks like a notebook MB. I'd certainly RMA it for warranty service if it's still under warranty.
    ATI is well known for graphics, but they've also made chipsets in recent years. I'd try googling any part numbers/codes you can read from the chip.
    In any case, I don't see any practical way to repair it -- sorry!
  4. That is not the main graphics card, you mostly see that specific card on the other side of the motherboard, it's the north/south bridge, the smaller chip that looks like a prosessor with the strange metal pegs surrounding it is the GPU, you can tell it's not the main graphics card also because the lack of heatsync, no heatsync to a GPU means automatic death.
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