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I have an old IDE hard drive from my old computer. My new computer runs vista 64 and uses SATA hard disks. My motherboard has both sata and IDE plugs. When I plug in the IDE hard drive, I can see it as a booting option in my bios, but can't see it in vista.

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  1. Does the bios detect the drive and tell you what size the drive is? Just because its listed in the boot order doesn't mean its detected or installed correctly. You have the drive set correctly? Most drives have a jumper setting for single when they are the only drive int he system. If its an ultra100/133 drive you need the 80 wire ide cable with the drive connected to the black connector and CS set on the jumper. cs = cable select
  2. No, I can't see it's size in the BIOS, but I can't see the size of my other drives either.
    I changed it from slave to cable select but no luck.
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    Can you see the disk in Disk Manager?

    To run disk manager: Start -> Right-click "Computer" -> Manage -> Click the "Disk Management" link in the left pane.

    Look for your disk in the lower portion of the right pane. If it's there but doesn't show a drive letter, then right-click it to assign a drive letter.

    If the disk isn't there, click on "Device Manager" in the left pane and look for icons with yellow exclamation marks - they indicate hardware that's not working properly.
  4. I can see the drive in disk manager but when I right click it is all grayed out except for delete volume and help
  5. Is your bios set to run in ide mode? If its achi the ide wont work.
  6. It is set to ide.
  7. Is there anything displayed in the drive in Disk Manager? For example, does it show a drive letter? If you could quote exactly what it says, or even better - show a screen shot, that might help.

    Also pay attention to the coloured stripe and note the legend at the bottom of the window - what type of partition is it?
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