Need a case for a Seagate 44-pin AT hard drive

I have removed a 128 MB hard drive from a very old compaq computer. It is a Seagate ST9144a 2 1/2" drive and requires 44-pin AT interface. Is there any such thing that I can get that would allow me to plug this HD into a USB port?
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  1. Whoops! just measured the HD and it is just a little shy of 2 3/4 inches across.
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    This is a laptop computer with a 44-pin IDE connection, so you need an adapter to connect it to a 40-pin IDE data cable AND a power supply. On laptop drives the power supply connections are in the 44-pin single connector; on 3½" desktop drives the power is done with a separate Molex 4-pin connector.

    You can get adapters that will let you plug this drive into a desktop machine's "standard" IDE ribbon cable and Molex. Look at the first 3 here:

    But you say you want it connected by a USB port. IF you mean that you want to fit it into an external drive case for use as a portable HDD unit, you need a case designed for this drive type, like these:

    NOTE that often you must plug into TWO USB ports to get enough power to run the HDD in the enclosure.

    However, if you simply want a temporary cable hook-up from the drive to a USB2 port, here's your adapter:

    With it you can connect any IDE drive type to a USB port.
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