Questions on what I need to play Farcry2 maxxed

So this time around I believe I'm ready to upgrade, I've built one PC before, and that little jerkoff has lasted me awhile now. Around a year and a half to two years ago I built a budget PC. AMD athalon 3800+ 2.4ghz processer, M2N SLI Deluxe motherboard, 2gigs DDR2 ram, 320gig 7500rpm seagate harddrive (Forgot what), and a sapphire radeon 850XT video card.

That rig was when the 7900's were still $500 a piece, and my old PC altogether cost $850, and still plays any game coming out today, although right now with the new blood of Crysis and Oblivion, those two games were the first to push my computer to running something on medium to minimum quality.

And... Farcry 2 has just come out, I'm ready to upgrade and get all the DX10 capabilities, and I'm fully ready to shell out the cash for one, anyone have a good performance build for $2000?
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  1. Get 2 more gigs of ram............................. and think about a major upgrade next year.
  2. Are you planning on getting a new monitor too or using an old one? The screen size/resolution is going to be a huge factor in any recommendations.

    You're probably better off first looking at FarCry 2 benchmarks and taking note of the system specs used. Then, check out some $2k builds around here and other forums and make a list for yourself and update your post. Then we can help more.

    Though I would recommend what Morgan was saying and that doing a small upgrade now and waiting until next year to do the full build, once Nehalem is more mainstream.
  3. I play on a 42inch LCD T.V. screen with resolutions waay higher than 1620x1024

    Hmm... well my processer's out of date, I would go with an AMD upgrade but as always they're expensive.
  4. Does anyone know how to get the benchmarking tool working on vista64?
  5. Your gonna need vista64 to run DX10 and 4gigs of RAM!!

    $2000 is a pretty large budget.

    I say get the top gpu Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 2048MB GDDR5 or,
    NVIDIA Geforce 9800 GX2 or if you want to go SLI,
    NVIDIA Geforce 8800 Ultra SLI
    These all seem to benchmark pretty dam high!

    Get 4gigs of RAM, i recommed Corsair.

    Processor is a difficult one, either Q6600 or the E8600 3.33GHz which you can easily get 4.0GHz out of.

    That leads me into the heatsink: Zalman CNPS9700-NT nVidia Tritium CPU Cooler (Socket 754/939/940/AM2/LGA775)

    motherboard: I would get Asus P5Q or something like the Gigabyte GA-EP45-DQ6 (P45) - dont know much about mobos.

    missing anything?
  6. oh yea i am...the most important thing when playing farcry maxxed is a lot of free time and a lot of beer ;)
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