AMD X2 6000 vs intel pentium e5200 wolfdale?

I am not sure which of these two i should get for my build, i am not a heavy gamer (i play WoW mostly...but i could try a few pc games in the future) and i don't plan on overclocking. It seems to me that i get more bang for my buck with the amd cpu since it has a much better operating frequency at stock speed compared to the intel cpu but i am not really sure which way i should go because it seems intel is supposedly better but i don't plan on spending more than 75 bucks on any cpu so which way should i go?
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  1. If you aren't going to be overclocking that you really can't go wrong either way. The E5200 and the X2 6000+ are very close in performance at the stock speeds with the two chips trading wins in most benchmarks. Currently they are also priced about the same. Both options will also afford you an upgrade path at least for the time being. I'd probably go the AMD route myself as you can usually get a nicer AMD motherboard than an Intel motherboard for the same money.

    If you do ever plan to overclock then you definitely want to buy the E5200 however.
  2. Here's a review that includes both the 6000+ and the E5200. The E5200 is generally a bit faster and uses a lot less power.
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