overclocked e5300 sometimes read different clock speed

Hi, I'm new in this comunity and it is the first time I ask a question here, so please excuse me if this is not the right category.

I have an e5300 overclocked to 3.4 using a gigabyte p43 mobo on Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, I've already disabled c1e and Eist, but cpu-z sometimes reads the clock as if my cpu weren't overclocked, when that happens, i restart, go to bios and check everything is ok, start windows and then cpu-z reads the 3.4ghz, and that happens from time to time.

can some one help me out with this please, my sistem runs stable, with no crashes or any problem what so ever.

thanks in advance
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  1. I had a motherboard that even when I turned off C1e and EIST it still lower the multiplier as if they were still on. I doubt there is any problems with your setup other than the switches don't work as intended.
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