E6750 to 3.2, worthwhile OC?

i have an e6750, an older gigabyte ds3 motherboard (just installed a northbridge fan today), and i have an arctic freezer pro 7 cpu cooler, and 6gb of g.skill pc2-6400 (5-5-5-15) RAM. i know the E6750 is becoming a thing of the past. i am built to OC, just never have done it. i'm wondering how helpful an OC from the stock 2.67 to 3.2 would be? would i need to change the voltage at all with that OC? i'm hoping to do something relatively simple that i don't have to change a lot of settings for, but also want it to show an impact...thanks.
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  1. It would be noticeable if you run intense applications such as games. It will not be noticeable if you only run firefox.
  2. It really depends on what you plan on doing with your computer. If its a CPU intensive task for transcoding or graphics rendering, or games it could give you a boost. For everyday tasks, there won't be a big difference.

    My advice would be to Do a light OC like 3.2GHz, and see if you notice a difference in speed. For that, you should be able to keep it at stock voltages, or a small increase, maybe to around 1.3 or 1.35V. I'll let someone else help you with the voltages, because I don't have experience with that chip. But just keep the voltages as low as you can without the system crashing when you boot or run an intensive task.
  3. cool, thanks. yeah i play COD4, TF2, and soon SC2. i ordered a radeon 5770 and so i'm hoping i will be able to take on all 3 games easily with max settings. i will probably try the 3.2 after i get the 5770 and see how all the games (except SC2 obviously) run.
  4. so what do i need to do on OC'ing this...i have read the OC guide, but really i am wondering if i punch it up to 3.2 (heard 3.6 is a pretty common OC for this chip), what do i need to set the RAM to, vcore? any help is appreciated.
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