I've narrowed it down to these three...

Price is just as important to me as performance, but I've narrowed down my GT260 card selection to three...

I like to look to personal suggestions from people like you guys so what do you think about these cards and which one would you particularly?

I did just post something about this, but from going from 575Mhz core clock to 666Mhz, am I going to see a noticeable improvement in game performance?

Here's the budget eVGA card at 575Mhz

Here's the mid-range I picked at 626Mhz, also eVGA

And here's the beast XFX at 666Mhz that would be the limit for my budget

All have the 216 core. But, like I asked before, am I going to see a NOTICEABLE different in game performance from going from a 575Mhz core clock to the 666Mhz? Or should I say, Is it worth the extra $40 to have a card with a 90Mhz higher core clock?
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  1. you know it all likely hood even the cheapest will overclock to the fastest speed with no problems. Also Evga has all had good tech support and warranty, so you can't go to wrong there.
  2. The only way you will notice any difference is in a game where your frame rates are low and the bump of a a few extra fps smooths the play out.

    What games are you playing? Will the gpu struggle or will you have 60+ fps? CPU limited? (FSx)
  3. r-sky said:

    What games are you playing? Will the gpu struggle or will you have 60+ fps? CPU limited? (FSx)

    Well I usually don't overclock my stuff I like to run everything stock... I just have a regular cheap case I got off of NewEgg for about $40 so it's not meant for cooling things.

    My list of games go something like this:

    FSX (I have an E6600 so I guess the card wont help too much with this one)
    COD 4
    Medieval Total War 2
    Soon to have Empire Total War
    Will have FarCry 2 if I buy the right card

    How big of an FPS increase are we talking going from 575Mhz to 666Mhz?
  4. get the cheapest one and oc it.
  5. I get it about OCing it but please just answer:

    How big of an FPS increase are we talking going from 575Mhz to 666Mhz?
  6. ohhh.... right.. depends on the game you're playing. LOL! sorry to be so frustrating...
  7. There's too many variables in the answer to that question for anyone to give anything but an off the cuff guesstimation. What resolution are you playing at ? Operating system? What particular game are you asking about? ... E6600 probably not overclocked..... so i'd say "3-5 fps" but it's a pretty blind guess.
    The more important question is which has the best warranty/support? XFX has double (youself and anyone you sell it to) lifetime guarantee that also covers overclocking the card AS LONG AS YOU REGISTER IT WITHIN 30 DAYS. EVGA has great support, lifetime limited warranty and a step up program. Check both manufacturers out before making a choice.
  8. Both companies cover overclocking, real world the higher factory OC'd will OC past the non factory OC'd, its like taking two greyhound one the runt and one of them the pick of the litter and training them from pup's to race, they are both dogs but they are from the same breed, just one had more potential, and 100mhz factry is nothing to wag your finger at. They all have the same cooling unit essentially. XFX technically has the "better" Warranty considering when u sell this card you can sell it with a lifetime warranty. However if your more interested in a constant upgrade go with the EVGA also look at the middle one, medium factory OC+a free game, so look at it like your buying far-cry for $20's and getting a free factory overclock,plus no rebate hassle it is the one i would choose. =)

    Hope this helps.
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