How much can i expect from my i7 960 ES?

hello guys

i have an i7 960 Engineering Sample cpu

how much can i expect from that cpu on oc? (frequency and voltage)

is someone have the same cpu?

thx all
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  1. The only thing I can tell you to expect is that Intel will want their CPU back if they find out. Engineering samples are still their property, and not to be sold.

    Other than that, the original i7's clocked well, but not as well as the new stepping does.
  2. ola. its for tests and benchs. not to sold out
  3. You seriously bought it for benching?
  4. They will go after the original user of the chip for letting it go, not the OP. Not a big deal. If it's a pre-release chip that shows up on Ebay, being sold by a tester withing the 'loop', well then Intel might do something.

    Not a worry.

    Pre retail chips might be good, might be bad. You won't know till you try it. It's still in the testing phase.

    And yes, people do buy these chips. I bought an i7 965 DO stepping (no such retail chip) for way under 1/2 of what a new i7 965 C0 would cost, saved over $700. The chip has worked fine for me.
  5. its a D0 stepping

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