P6T Deluxe onboard sound low output to headphones

I have a pair of Tritton ax360 headphones that when connected via the analog connections to the motherboard do not put out enough volume. I can hear but it is quite low at the maximum volume.

If I buy a creative x-fi fatality does it put out more power to headphones?

Is there a way to boost the onboard sound power?

The headphones came with a amplifier for connecting to the optical and that works great on the pc, but I want to leave it(the amp) connected in my living room for PS3 and xbox playing. It is a pain to transfer all the cabling all the time.
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  1. I went and picked up a creative x-fi pci-e fatal1ty pro and the headphone volume did improve greatly. The sound quality is also better from what I have listened to so far.
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