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Hello I'm having problems with building this cheap PC for a friend. Here are the current specs(he had the processor and the graphics card in a working pc till the motherboard died)
Intel P4 3.2 378 SL6WG (zalman heatsink)
PNY Optima 2GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 667
nvidia 7600gs(not installed)
450w psu

Alright here is the problem. When the machine turns on, all the fans/led/hdd start up like it wants to work. But there is no activity on the screen. I check all the parts, taken it apart 3 times, and rma'ed the motherboard once, same results. I tried installing the 7600gs but nothing happens either. Hope somebody may know how to get it working. thanks
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  1. Hi, I have this board with no problems. What ever monitor you are using that doesn't do anything try that monitor on another machine to verify it works and the monitor is not the problem. Secondly test your power supply unit, or try a known working psu. Thirdly look at your cable ends for missing or bent pins. I just got done creating a backup drive for mine and have been pouring over the manuals and all is going well. I've been thinking of getting another one of these as they, when you get it working, unleash the true potential of my little p4 2.4prescott chip. DDR 2 memory modules and all! Hey also is your psu power cable 20pin or 24pin? I am using a 20pin psu with a 24pin adaptor cable and also you got to plug in the little 4pin motherboard power cable JATXPWR2 shown on page 7 in the pdf manual. Hope this helps, Stosh
  2. Setup in bios the on board video. Also, you must use the cable select jumper on IDE hard drives for the motherboard to boot.
  3. I know this wound't help you but I am having the same problem. I have replaced the CPU, a prescott 3.2, and it wordked for a few minutes and I got a blue screen. This has happened to with a Prescott 2.8 CPU. It seams that the CPU are going bad???
    Any HELP out there???
    Al the geek
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