How do i change 680i sli to 16x from 4x on 2nd card??

Hi everyone. I've been racking my brain all day on this one. I have an xfx 680i sli mobo and I just got a 2nd 8800gt for it. Problem is nvidia control panel and rivatuner are both telling me the 2nd card is only at 4X. This mobo supports 2 16x pci slots. I've tried to adjust it in the bios (p32) but didn't see a way to. the gpu drivers and mobo drivers are both current. Please help!!!
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  1. The top link from bit-tech's my board. And yes, they're both in the black slots (16x) w/ the sli connector, both are plugged in w/ a 6pin.
  2. I would like to say first off that you won't see any difference in performance from 4x to 16x with a 8800GT. That being said I know you want everything out of your system that you paid for and it bothers you that it's not working the way it should.

    I really can't see anything except maybe a BIOS setting that would limit one of the slots to 4x. I would say to do a CMOS reset and that might help to straighten things out. Also check your BIOS version and look at the XFX message boards to see if others might have had this problem. You could also try pulling the cards out and blow some compressed air in the slots and then re-seat them and see if you're still having the same issue.
  3. Turns out, it's the 1 video card that's running at 4x, not the mobo. I tried both cards in the same slot, and 1 card's running at 4x mode. Any one know how to change it to 16x??
  4. Well, spoke w/ xfx. Tried flashing gpu bios w/o effect. Card RMA'd. Thank you!
  5. Sorry it's going to be a little longer till you get your system working the way you want it and I hope everything works out. Good luck.
  6. My money is on the MB being the cause. Try the 8800GT's in another system before you RMA. XFX will just send it back after testing it and finding no problem. The 680i is known to be a real jewel.
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