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Hey guys, Ive done a fair amount of research about cpu temps and found vastly differernt ideas on them so I thought I would put the idea up to poll. :bounce:
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  1. hmm why does it say poll closed i set it to the end or march
  2. 24/7 - I look for a target max core of 55C under P95
    Gaming profile - Look for target max core of 75, figuring gaming's gonna max out at 72
  3. I try and keep temps below 70C under OCCT, have hit 100C though >.<
  4. Thing is the target Temp is going to vary by Generation and brand of CPU - just as an example JackNaylorPE mentions a gaming max core of 75C but My X3 720's Thermal cut back will shut down the CPU at 73C so We're definitely not looking for the same Temps from our systems - With my AMD CPU I try to keep it below 40C idle (currently runs 35C @ 3.2Ghz. ) and have it MAX at 60C under Prime95 (currently reaches 56C)
  5. I keep load temps (Q9550 C3, Q6600 G0, E5200 R0) under 70 C.
  6. So here's the thing, older processors ran much hotter and we got similar life spans out of them right? Is there conclusive evidence running hot temps will make the chip fail faster then at stock. Has anyone here had a processor fail due to being run to hot to long?
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