sli or single solution for msi 750i, and memory

I have an msi 750i, 2gb of corsair 667. Which of these cards: 9800 gx2/ gtx 260/gtx 280 or 9800 gtx+ sli, would run most games with overall best performance. Btw i was also considering upgrading to 4 gb on on 32 bit xp, would that help my games performance much?
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  1. well the 9800GX2 is undoubtedly the fastest there, although the 9800GTX+'s would oc further and probably outperform it in the end. but thats an msi 750i not an evga, so they would be bottlenecked to x8/x8 sli.

    that all depends on your res though. if you are gaming on a 19", the 9800GX2 would be eXtreme overkill, as would the 260 and 280.

    yes, with the low price of DDR2, i would just grab a 2x2GB kit of DDR2 and put the 2gig of low end corsair in something else or sell it.

    give us some more specs, games you would be playing, other possible applications you would bre running, CPU and monitor res most importantly.
  2. Well i have a 24' widescreen monitor and run games at 1920 by 1200. M current 8800 gts ssc i really dont like much, bought when it came out and doesnt handle things as good as it once did. A friend wants it, so i said id try to find a better one. I (try) to play games on all high settings, and if its playable add in some af and aa. I play Crysis, Oblivion Far cry 2 etc. I want to know what would run best with my specs on my profile.
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