Have decrypted the usb drive and cant find the files on bitlocker

I thought I would protect my usb drive with bitlocker and now I have lost all of my info on the drive. I first encrypted it and then I thought if I decrypt it, the files will show up again on the usb drive. I was obviously wrong, so where did all of my files go? It says I have free space on the usb drive. I really need to find these files, can someone help me! I am using windows 7 and need step by step instructions, if this is even possible. Please help me...desperate!
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  1. Hello.

    First off what is your USB drive? Model? Size? Approximate age? And i'm guessing you mean Bit locker to go for USB devices.

    If you are sure you had data on there, use a free recovery program such as undelete 360, point it to your USB drive and do a search, hopefully it should find your "missing" files.

    Are you sure you didn't format your USB drive?
  2. my usb is lexar 64gb, maybe 6 months old and yes it is bit locker to go...the usb was almost full. no i didnt format the drive. i encrypted it then decryped it and nothing is on the drive. i have used recuva to find the deleted files and it found 12 files and said unrecoverable?
  3. ALright something seems odd about that.

    When using your USB device, do you always use the "safely remove hardware" button on your taskbar?

    What can happen sometimes is if you quickly insert / pull out the usb device when you transferred files without using the safe remove option, it can screw up your flash drive.

    Do you normally write tons of info. to your USB device? That can also affect the lifespan of the device. Too many writes can cause USB keys to fail, which is a weakness in all flash memory.

    It's even possible your USB device was not good to begin with, say a manufacturer's defect, or maybe even got lower quality silicon.

    I would try using 1 more recovery program (a different one) just in case....and if that doesn't work, i'm sorry but you might be outta luck.
  4. yes, i do use the safely remove button. this is just a drive that i had a lot of info on. i just used it the other day...i am trying undelete 360...i hope it works..thanks for your responses.
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