How much memory (Ram + video mem) can i access under Windows 64bit?

I am about to install a 64-bit windows on my computer:

2GB onboard memory on the video card

Am I correct in thinking that with 4GB RAM and 2 GB on the Video card, under windows 32 bit it would only take a 'total' of 4gb into account?
(2 Gb kernel usage, 2 Gb application usage)
and under windows 64 bit it would take both the full 4GB RAM and the full 2GB onboard mem of the video card into account?
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  1. The theoretical limit for 64 bit operating systems is 16 Exabytes.

    The 'practical' limit, as artificially set by Microsoft, is 64GB (Basic x64) and 128GB (Premium/Business/Ultimate).

    Your hardware and applications will be able to use all the resource they're programmed to.
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