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So I have decide to go with the coolermaster HAF for my case, but I am wondering whether the coolermaster V8 would fit in the case on an EVGA x58 motherboard? and are there any cool mods for this case?
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  1. I'm not familiar with that mother board but it shouldn't be that much different in thickness then other boards. I have a Coolermaster HAF932 with a Thermalright 120 Extreme in it and although I have not actually measured the clearance, I bet there is at least 2" clearance from the end of the cooler to the side of the case.

    Your Coolermaster V8 is 6.2" high and the 120 Extreme is 6.3" high, so I would say your going to have plenty of room.
  2. I have the CM HAF 932. The pc case is 9 inches wide. You will have enough space for the cpu heatsink and the 230mm fan on the side panel. In fact, you will have room left over.
  3. That case should fit it, my Cosmos S case didn't though. I had to remove the side fan.
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