If your motherboard gets in contact with static electricity can it damage any of the components on the board?

Also what beeps/LEDs should be on at the start up of a PC? I have a Gigabyte x58a ud3r
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  1. yes it csn damage.if you wanna know about the beep sounds refer to yout mobo manual.
    check for the mobo power led,hdd led
  2. All I can see is the CPU loading, northbridge and RAM loading LEDs, all the other ones are off. My manuel doesn't specify a power led or a hdd led.

    I can hear the computer 'thinking noise' (the noise you usually hear a computer make), that sounds like ticking sort of.

    My CPU fan still boots up, would that boot up anyway if my mobo is dead? Just wondering if it turns on anyway or if it senses heat from the CPU.
  3. Also what are the symptons of a mobo that's been damaged from static? I'm getting a screen tommorow so I can't check if it actually boots up. But all the regular lights I know about light up, the CPU fan still goes off and I can still hear that processing noise (or whatever that noise is)
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