The Occational cleaning. Wow

So my HSF is 4 years old, I did the occational blow out the dust thing, but I noticed my temps are higher then they should be with this HSF so I though ill take off the fan and see what it looks like. Wow it was bad. I pulled the HSF off and cleaned the whole thing with a special soap and water, re applied and now it is running almost 10c cooler.

Now If I can get get this stupid XFX 750a bios to let me controll the fan that would be great, This board gets on my nerves.
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  1. You waited too long. The thermal compound for the cpu and heatsink should be replaced once a year. Thermal compounds can deteriorate. You can clean the heatsink and fan at the same time.
  2. I had just reapplied compound 3 months ago =)

    It had a ton of hidden dust in it.
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