Empty screen but with photo background and with moverble cursor and and runs des

i recently ran a disk clean up on my computer.After it finished i deleted the suggested temporary files. after deletion, all the desktop icons disappeared,even the start up bar.the only way to shut down was thru the windows task manager. After restating same problem persists, it even shows background slide show of the computer photos.tried starting in safe mode, but in safe mode it just shows a black screen with moveable cursor.

Pls assist.
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  1. Try restoring windows to a previous state. Tried the Windows button on KB ?
    Click New Task on Task Manager-Applications, type: cmd.exe
    cd c:\windows\system32\restore
    This will activate the restore program.
    If not working try the same for cmd.exe then type: sfc /scannow
    This will scan for missing or damaged windows files, have install disk in drive.
  2. Or you can run install disk and choose add/change additional components.
    Make sure to uncheck then check the relevant components.
  3. hey thanks.........
    i have now lost access to task manager.
    managed to reach system restore, after imputing the restore dates t sent me back to the empty screen with no icons, and nothn happened afterwards, when i try task manager it does not respond,
    how can i access the cmd prompt, or what am i to do from here?
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