Graphic card PCIe slot1, slot2 ....

I'm upgrading my rig.

The mobo has 3 PCIe slots (16x16x1 or 16x8x8).

I have only one graphic card (8800GT). Asus recommends to install one single card in the PCIe slot 1. But installing it in slot2 would be much better for the cooling of the system because slot1 interferes a lot with the air flow.

If I set the PCIe slot 2 in the bios for a 16 link ... wouldn't it be the same for optimal performance?.

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  1. it should give you the same performance. the 16/8/8 should only apply when 3 graphics cards are present.
  2. I know this topic is a little old but I was thinking of moving my 4870 from PCI-E slot 1 to PCI-E slot 2 ?

    Did you notice any temps drop?
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